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The trend of curated ear piercings started a few years ago, and has continued to grow in popularity. The gist of it is, instead of just one or two basic ear piercings, you look at your ears holistically and place multiple ear piercings throughout that compliment your ear shape and style. Specific earrings are often chosen specifically for different piercings, and the result is a thoughtfully designed ear-scape.
Sometimes, however, you want to update your look or try out something different without permanently altering your body (i.e. getting multiple piercings).  Cartilage piercings in particular are known to be very painful and take much longer to heal than lobe piercings.
That's where ear cuffs come in. Ear cuffs a modern day iteration of clip on earrings. Ear cuffs fit around the outer edge of the ear's cartilage. They can be adjusted to fit high up on the ear or down towards the lobe.  They also look great when layered.
Here are some celebrities and influencers rocking ear cuffs for more inspiration. Scroll to the bottom to see how you can get the look.

Vanessa Hudgens

Photo: Jezebel



Emily Ratajkowski wearing a ponytail and a diamond ear cuff

Photo: Byrdie


Emma Watson

     Related image

Photo: Telegraph


FKA Twigs

Image result for celebrity ear piercings

Photo: Byrdie


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