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How to Organize Your Jewelry

Posted on February 11 2019

Amazon Jewelry Organizer Gray Clear Lid

Is anyone else obsessed with Marie Kondo? I watched her entire Netflix series, Tidying Up, in a few days and proceeded to binge organize my entire apartment afterwards.  If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend you do.

I have always been obsessed with organization, but her methods really resonated with me. Her theory is not that people need to be minimalists and get rid of all their possessions but that everyone should make sure the things they own have value to them and have a clear place in your home.

She also helps people to organize their belongings so that it is easier to see what they own. I think this is very important. If you can't see your clothing or accessories or books you eventually forget they are there and they just collect dust. When you can see all of your items, and every item sparks joy, you will get a lot more use out of the items you own.

Marie Kondo inspired me to consider the best ways to organize my jewelry.  Jewelry organization is particularly important because it is more delicate than clothing or shoes. Jewelry can be easily damaged by other items if it is not handled carefully.

I purchased a few of these organizers from Amazon (link below image):

 Jewelry Organizer Gray Clear Lid

Clear Lid Organizer 

They are perfect because they let you separate each item and the clear top lets you see everything you own. Below are a few other jewelry organizers that are also great options.  My biggest takeaway from Marie Kondo's Konmari method is that everything should have it's own place. It makes organizing and cleaning your home much, much easier. These organizers are very helpful for creating a dedicated space for all your jewelry.

Here are a few other organizers that I found on that would be great for organizing your jewelry:

Stacked Organizer

Acrylic Organizer

Black Organizer

Hanging Organizer


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