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Heart shaped stud earrings made with biocompatible materials
Why We Made This:
These heart studs were added to our starter stud collection for a cute, classic staple earring. These can be used as starter studs, sleeper studs, and healing studs.


The base metal for the entire earring and earring back is pure titanium.  A titanium nitride PVD coating is applied to the earrings to give them an 18k gold color. The coating is only applied to portions of the earrings that do not touch the ear.

Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating. These earrings can be worn in the water and will not tarnish or turn green.  However, we do recommend removing your jewelry when showering and exercising to extend the life of the PVD coating.


Base Metal Pure Titanium
Coating Titanium Nitride PVD
Stud Length 8mm
Post Length 12mm
Post Diameter 0.8mm 



        Customer Reviews

        Based on 25 reviews
        Stinky ear holes no more!

        I know it’s totally disgusting, but my ear holes will get red and hot and smell like STINKY CHEESE when I wear earrings for more than 1 day... even with platinum posts! This is the first pair I’ve ever owned that don’t turn my lobes into reeking fondue pots of smelly sadness. Plus they’re damn cute. Def ordering more.

        My daughter loves them!

        I had my daughter’s ears pierced by a body piercer, not in a mall store. The studs she has are surgical grade titanium and she healed quickly and easily. She’s been asking for hearts and she loves gold. This was a WINNER! I bought extra snug silicone backings to be sure they wouldn’t fall out. She is only 7 yrs old. She’s been wearing them ever since they arrived, they feel great and she loves them. I’ll definitely buy her more.


        I want to return but their return policy is so short. Got around to trying them just 2 days after my deadline. They’re cute, but too big for my ears. Don’t want them.

        Not for active kids

        We used these for about 4 days. They are pretty but the back doesn’t stay snug. My nine year old lost one of them while out playing in snow. We never found them. No allergic reaction but too expensive for a kids that can’t keep them on. I found one on Amazon for $10 and bought 2 of those. She is on her third within 3 months. I am waiting for my mom to bring gold earrings from India and they really stay on active kids.

        Gold Heart Studs

        I am very happy with my latest purchase, gold heart studs. These earrings don’t irritate my ears when I am wearing them. In fact, I can’t even tell I am wearing them. This has never happened before I bought earrings from Tini Lux. These earrings are cute and can go with any outfit. I don’t recommend sleeping in them because they are a little big and they might hurt your ears when sleeping in them over night if you are a side sleeper.

        Look Good

        Our earrings are available in a variety of modern, feminine styles. Plus - we use metals that won't tarnish or turn green.

        Feel Good

        Our earrings are made with nonallergenic materials so they won't cause painful reactions.

        Do Good

        We donate a portion of every sale to Initiative: Eau, a non-profit working to bring clean drinking water to developing areas of the world.

        Best earrings for sensitive ears! I haven’t been able to wear any earrings since my kids that didn’t upset my ears. I haven’t had to take these out since I’ve received them. Just when I thought I had to be done wearing earrings because of the pain you came along. Thank you for making me feel pretty!

        Jessica B.

        I'm in love! I haven't been able to wear earrings for a very long time, the last time I wore cheap earrings they practically ruined my piercings because they were so irritated. I love these earrings because I can wear them comfortably and safely, but they look AMAZING.

        Lydia S

        I had given up on earrings when I decided to try this material and I am so happy I did. They look cute, but most important, no allergies!


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