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All Hypoallergenic Jewelry

The full collection of Tini Lux medical grade titanium earrings, pure niobium earrings, sterling silver ear cuffs, and pure titanium bracelets!
The mission of Tini Lux is to create the best earrings for sensitive ears that are stylish, comfortable enough for everyday wear, and affordable! 
Approximately 20% of the population has adverse reactions to earrings, and that number is increasing because metal allergies can develop from regular contact with reactive materials.  If you have ever wondered why your piercings are not healing or why wearing earrings causes your piercings to swell, bleed, or itch, it is because you have a metal allergy.
Many people turn to "hypoallergenic earrings" in hopes that they can wear them comfortably. Unfortunately that term is not regulated and does not guarantee that the earrings will be safe, especially for people with sensitive ears.
Our solution was to create earrings made with non-reactive metals like pure niobium and medical grade titanium. These metals are known to be compatible with the human body and regularly used for medical implants. In fact, our titanium earrings are made by a top US medical implant manufacturer. Since we do not use alloyed metals, all of our earrings are nickel free.
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