Titanium hoops

Pure hypoallergenic titanium hoops for...
Small Brunch Hoops

small brunch hoops

Brunch Hoops

brunch hoops

Roadtrip Hoops Roadtrip Hoops

roadtrip hoops

Trendsetter Hoops

trendsetter hoops


I'm in love! I haven't been able to wear earrings for a very long time, the last time I wore cheap earrings they practically ruined my piercings because they were so irritated. I love these earrings because I can wear them comfortably and safely, but they look AMAZING.

Lydia S.

Rooftop Hoops Rooftop Hoops

rooftop hoops

Large Rooftop Hoops Large Rooftop Hoops

large rooftop hoops

Charming Hoops Charming Hoops

charming hoops

Large Charming Hoops Large Charming Hoops

large charming hoops

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Cape Hoops Cape Hoops

cape hoops

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Small Friday Hoops Small Friday Hoops

small friday hoops

Friday Hoops Friday Hoops

friday hoops

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Large Friday Hoops Large Friday Hoops

large friday hoops

Happy Hour Hoops Happy Hour Hoops

happy hour hoops

45MM SKINNY HOOPS | Earrings | Tini Lux 45MM SKINNY HOOPS | Earrings | Tini Lux

large happy hour hoops

Extra Large Happy Hour Hoops Extra Large Happy Hour Hoops

extra large happy hour hoops

Small Long Weekend Hoops Small Long Weekend Hoops

small long weekend hoops

Long Weekend Hoops Long Weekend Hoops

long weekend hoops

Large Long Weekend Hoops Large Long Weekend Hoops

large long weekend hoops

Small City Hoops Small City Hoops

small city hoops

Large City Hoops

large city hoops

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