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Have you ever purchased a pair of earrings only to find that after a few hours (or minutes) of wearing them your ears are red, swollen and sore?  The cause of the pain and irritation when wearing earrings is an allergic reaction to metal.  Many metals are highly reactive with the human body and, unfortunately, jewelry companies continue to use the metals and label them "hypoallergenic earrings."

The term hypoallergenic is not regulated in the United States. What it actually means is the earrings are less likely to cause an allergic reaction; but less likely does not mean that it will not cause a reaction.  What consumers actually need is biocompatible earrings. Biocompatible means that the material is not harmful, toxic, or reactive with living tissue. 

All of the earrings sold by Tini Lux are made with biocompatible metals.  Titanium and Niobium are the safest metals for sensitive ears or people with a metal allergy. Tini Lux earrings are always made with medical grade titanium or pure niobium, both of which are non-reactive with the human body.  In fact, titanium is commonly used for medical implants and other body piercings because it is the safest metal for humans. Niobium is one of the most inert and non allergenic metals in existence. Tini Lux earrings have been tested by many people with metal allergies and proven to be comfortable and safe for everyday wear. Because we ONLY use truly hypoallergenic metals, our earrings are the best for sensitive ears.  

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