Tini Lux x Girls Inc.

Look Good • Feel Good • Do Good

Tini Lux is made by women, for women.

Our founder created Tini Lux because she wanted earrings that wouldn't irritate her sensitive ears. She knew this was a problem for many women and wanted to help everyone accessorize comfortably and affordably. More than four years later, our team is still entirely made up of women and our mission is still to empower women to live lux every single day.

Women's History Month

For Women's History Month, we want to celebrate by supporting a female-centric charitable organization. We are donating proceeds from our Premiere Earrings to Girl's Inc, an organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that serves girls ages 5-18 across the United States and Canada. They focus on the development of the whole girl: supporting, mentoring, and guiding girls in an affirming, pro-girl environment. Girls learn to value their whole selves, discover and develop their inherent strengths, and receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face.

Ways to Support Girls Inc.

• Shop our new Premiere Earrings. Proceeds will be donated to Girls Inc.
• Follow @girlsinc to learn more about their work
• Donate to Girls Inc., here

Premiere Earrings:

What Makes You Feel Empowered As A Woman?

Designed specifically to celebrate, recognize, and empower women, our new Premiere Earrings symbolize the inner strength, brilliance, and courage that reside at the core of all women.

 The lightweight acrylic earrings effortlessly make a statement. The viridescent Green symbolize feelings of hope and ambition, while the sun-kissed Amber represent a new dawn and rebirth. As with all Tini Lux Jewelry, the Premiere Earrings are made with pure hypoallergenic materials that are safe for sensitive skin, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to feel like their best self.

Premiere Collection:

Lux Women 

Lux Women is a series of our blog that focuses on female entrepreneurs and promotes their thriving businesses. The series goes into depth about being a female entrepreneur while also providing advice and tips for female founders of the future. The series was created to empower all women, while creating a space where the hardwork and success of female leaders can be highlighted and celebrated.

"Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on."- Serena Williams