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Why Tini Lux
Beauty ≠ pain.

Reactions to earrings are a thing of the past. Tini Lux was built out of a frustration with the existing earring options. We felt there needed to be a trusted destination for jewelry that is truly safe for people with sensitive skin and metal allergies.

“The Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears That Are Cute and Comfortable.”

“The Best Everyday Jewelry That You’ll Never Want To Take Off.”

“Amazing nickel-free or hypoallergenic jewelry and accessories that are actually cool.”

“The Best Everyday Earrings, According to Jewelry Designers: From their studios to your jewelry box.”

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Capricorn Stud Earrings

Ambitious and goal orientated Capricorn needs astrological jewelry that represents all their earthly traits. These simple and hypoallergenic Capricorn zodiac earrings are crafted with medical grade titanium that can withstand all the effects of Mercury Retrograde.


Cosmic Traits: enduring. revolutionary. arduous. 

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Color: Silver
  • Nonallergenic Titanium
  • Dermatologist Approved
  • Lightweight
  • 99.5% Happy Customers
Skin Safe Earrings
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We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our purity standards.

Click here to read the results.

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"Tini Lux earrings are a great option for those that experience skin sensitivity to metal"
- Dr. Marisa Garschick

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Livie Stud Earrings | $50.00

4mm timeless starter studs fit for every mood and occasion.

Celeste Stud Earrings | $70.00

6mm Crystal Studs that give a gorgeous shine.

Rooftop Hoop Earrings | $65.00

18mm Huggie Hoops that are perfect for everyday wear.

Getaway Hoop Earrings | $70.00

A braided design enhances these subtle hoops.

Customer testimonials

With my sensitive ears I thought I would never wear earrings again but thank god for Tini Lux! I love these earrings.


I discovered Tini Lux six months ago and they have changed my life!!! No more irritation… my ears are so happy, I’ve ditched all other earrings. THANK YOU.


“In case you need to hear it from another person, these earrings are in fact LIFE CHANGING. The only earrings I can wear”


“I bought this pair for my daughter who recently started having severe allergies from her earrings. She has now been wearing them 24x7 for last 2 months now and they still shine as new. Thank you!”

The Tini Lux Difference
Doctor Approved

We use pure titanium (the metal of choice for medical implants) as our base metal.

Pure & Simple

Instead of only removing one allergen like nickel, we’ve removed ALL metals except titanium. By sticking to only one pure metal, we’ve taken then guesswork out of finding earrings that are safe for sensitive ears


Rather than slapping on a label like “hypoallergenic,” we use a medical grade metal and let our customers know EXACTLY what they putting into their piercings. We lab test our earrings for purity & share the results for all to see.

Your Piercings Will Thank You
skin safe

made with pure, medical grade titanium

water resistant

won’t tarnish, change color, or turn green


no pulling, stretching, or sagging earlobes


pure and safe at a fraction of the price of 24k gold or platinum

Free shipping on all orders above $50 in the US

Easy returns within 14 days of delivery

Every purchase helps support the clean water NGO Initiative: Eau.

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