Round-Up of Our Best Chain Earrings

Round-Up of Our Best Chain Earrings

By Jonaira South

Tini Lux has many styles for each and every look you could possibly go for. Whether you’re looking for something simple, bold, dainty, or edgy, Tini Lux has endless options. One of our favorites styles are our chain earrings. Our chain earrings are the perfect addition to any earring stack. They can be worn by themselves or with a cartilage, helix, daith, or whatever kind of piercing you can think of. Although we have endless options, keep reading to find out which are our very best.

For a simple look, you may want a minimalist chain for your stack. Gold-toned jewelry is usually a go-to for most but you can switch to silver or two-toned for your chain earring. Our simple pieces include a hoop and chain so you’re able to go bold with your other pieces. Here are the chain earrings we think look best for the simple look: Jane Hoop and Single Perri earrings. 


For a bold look, it’s all about statement earrings. If you want to draw attention to your earring stack, cool shapes, diamonds, or opals in the chain will accomplish that. Here are the earrings we think will make the biggest statement: Talia (the stone is customizable for an extra pop), Esme Studs, Catena Hoops, or Rhea Hoops


If you want to create your own customized chain earring, use our Single Connector 30mm Chain. This piece will give you the option to make a simple or bold look with any of our other stud or hoop earrings.

You can’t go wrong with either look when choosing chain earrings. Our choice of pieces can amp up your style or calm it down. If you have on a simple outfit, use the statement chains for your look. If your outfit is on the bolder side, try out our simple pieces for your chain earrings. Whether you prefer gold-toned or silver-toned accessories, just know you’ll be treating your earring stack with any of these trendsetting options. 

Chain earrings can draw people into your full earring stack so make sure whatever earring you choose fits your aesthetic and style. Carefully curating your accessories can make or break a look, but if you use this guide, it’ll always make it by pulling everything together!


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