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Welcome to the Tini Lux Edit! The purpose of this blog is to help educate readers so you all can make more informed decisions about the jewelry you are purchasing. We want to be totally transparent about the materials and processes behind our truly hypoallergenic earrings. We will also be sharing the latest news about Tini Lux, product updates, styling tips, and stories from our favorite influencers. Please leave comments, ask questions, and let us know what you would most like to hear about!

Recent Posts

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    Dec 03 2018

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    Nov 30 2018

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    Nov 29 2018

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  • Is My Ear Piercing Infected?

    Nov 20 2018

    If you recently got a new ear piercing or you've had your ears pierced for a while and out of no where they become irritated, you've prob...

  • Four Fool Proof Thanksgiving Outfits

    Nov 18 2018

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