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Tini Lux was founded in 2017 by Jacqueline Burke. Here is her story:

Years ago I had given up on wearing earrings because every pair (even those labeled “nickel free” and “hypoallergenic”) almost instantaneously caused a painful reaction, swelling, and bleeding.   Through a lot of research I discovered that the cause of the issue was a contact allergy to metal that had developed from years of wearing earrings made with reactive metals.

Eventually I discovered that there are two metals that exist that are inert and non-reactive with the body: titanium and niobium. I was disappointed to find that I could not find a single pair of titanium or niobium earrings that fit my style. Everything on the market was either very industrial looking or very homemade looking. I wanted fun, minimal, and statement earrings in gold and rose gold.

At that point I decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own line. From there Tini Lux was born.


The mission of Tini Lux is to create fashion jewelry that is safe, stylish, and functional. We believe jewelry should work with the human body, be fun to wear, and affordable. 


Jackie is the owner and founder of Tini Lux. Her background is in Mechanical Systems Engineering, but she had a need for biocompatible fashion earrings and saw that she was not alone. She created the this company in November 2017.



Tini Lux earrings are made with medical grade titanium, an inert metal that does not react with the human body .  Titanium is commonly used in medical implants because it is one of the only metals on earth that can coexist peacefully with the human body


Our prices reflect the quality of our products but they are affordable enough for the average woman


Minimizing waste and economic impact by committing to using eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging


Throughout the year we chose charities close to our heart to give back to: 
March - Girls Who Code
April - Autism Awareness
May - Mental Health Awareness
October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Please reach out to us with any questions at