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Mini triangle shaped stud earrings made with biocompatible materials
Why We Made This:
These customer favorite studs were added as a cool geometric stud for second or third holes. These can be used as starter studs, sleeper studs, and healing studs.

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        BASE METAL: The base metal for the entire earring and earring back is pure titanium.  

        COATING: A titanium nitride PVD coating is applied to the earrings to give it an 18k gold color. The coating is only applied to portions of the earrings that do not touch the ear. Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating.

        CARE: These earrings can be worn in the water and will not tarnish or turn green.  

        No Compromises Here

        • skin safe

          doesn't react with human body

        • water resistant

          Doesn't tarnish, change color, or turn green

        • lightweight

          no pulling, stetching, or sagging earlobes

        • affordable

          pure and safe at a fraction of the price of 24k gold or platinum

        Tested for Purity

        We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our purity standards

        lab results

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 71 reviews
        Post too long

        I should have listened to other reviews. The posts are RIDICULOUSLY, UNREASONABLY long. They will poke your head. By the time I got around to trying them on - return window had passed. Pretty unhappy with this experience.

        Jane Park

        Finally, earrings that do not irritate my ears. It’s always a gamble even when earrings are advertised as “for sensitive ears” but I’m so glad these really delivered and don’t bother my ears at all. They’re so cute!

        Olivia Harrington

        I am 25 and recently got my ears pierced again and was allergic to the metals (gold/silver). When I was 1 I had them pierced but was allergic! I still had flare ups even 10-15 years after having them out. I got the Tini lux earrings (my ears where rejecting the gold earrings at the time) and my irritation went away the inflammation was gone! It was a little itchy at first but now I can wear earrings without any irritation! These earrings are amazing and so so worth it!! Get them!!

        They work! (but there’s a design issue)

        I’m 30 years old from Aus and have tried everything but have never been able to wear earrings without infection. Ordered these feeling skeptical, but they worked! No reaction at all, which is an actual miracle and I was super excited. UNFORTUNATELY, the backs to the studs have a kind of faulty design. They were super loose and slid off the earring at the smallest touch. The first time I wore them out, one randomly slipped from my ear and was lost on the floor of a pub. This issue plus the extra cost and wait for delivery to Aus, means I will probably just look for a different supplier of titanium earrings in Aus. But good to learn there is a material my ears can handle.

        Grant Palmer
        I love these!! They healed my soreness

        These are great. I had soreness in one of my two ear piercings, and I realized it might be due to my skin's reaction to the steel studs I had at the time. I replaced my steel studs with these guys, and the soreness vanished instantly. They look really cool too!

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