Guide: Hoop Size Comparison

We are often asked for a size comparison between all of the hoops in our collection. We've set up this page to help you better visualize each of our different hoops before you purchase.

How to Use This Page: 

  • The circles on the left hand side indicate the approximate outer diameter of each of the hoops on the right side.
Option 1: Print
  • This page can be printed out for real life measurement of the various hoop sizes.
  • Printer instructions: Print each of these three images on an 8 1/2 x 11" size page. Make sure that the scaling option is set to none.
  • The images of the hoops have been scaled so that when they are printed out they are true to size.

Option 2. Digital

  • Adjust the zoom on your screen so that the scale at the top of each guide below is equal to exactly 1 inch. Hold a ruler up to your screen to match the scale to 1 inch.
  • Alternatively, you can hold up a US dime or quarter to the page and scale the page so that the image of the coin at the top is exactly the same size as the physical coin.
  • You may need to save each of these images to your device and open the image in a different app to properly scale the image.
  • Once your screen is adjusted properly, the images of the hoops will be true to their real life size.




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