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I've been wearing these non-stop for months and they still look good and feel incredibly comfortable. I never take them out.


Overall good. But the first pair I received had the post loose on one of them. So it was staying connected to the basket but it wobbled on my ear. I told them this and they sent me a new pair right away, and I really appreciate that. But one of the studs of the new pair was now loose in a different way. The diamond is loose inside the prongs. So, it still wobbles ever so slightly. Personally I think it should be completely secure in the basket. Nothing should wobble. This is the third type of earring I purchased from Tinilux and I didn't have this issue with those other pairs. The quality of this particular style seems to be lacking.

As a side note, not pertaining to the quality at all, I wish there were a style of diamond studs that weren't so large. I got these because it was the closest to what I was hoping for. I wish there were a slightly smaller more tasteful size available.

I will also say I get allergic reactions from other earrings and I don't have any reaction to these.

The Real Deal

First of all, love the earrings. Nice size and quality for the price. Second, and most importantly, they do not irritate my ears! I had almost given up on wearing earrings. These are awesome. Highly recommend.

Livie Opal Studs
Shirley Smisek
Opal fell out

Bought this a few months the ago and the opal went missing in one of the earrings. Now the 2nd is missing the opal. Had for less than a year. Disappointed they haven't last long.

Love this necklace!!

I recently got the dew necklace in green and it’s a perfect everyday necklace. I didn’t realize the pendant would be set in place, but I love it! I hate when my necklaces move all around & the end of the chain ends up at the front by the pendant. This hasn’t happened at all with this necklace, and it was a pleasant surprise!

Castor Studs
Anita Hanagan
Just As Advertised

No sensitivity issues at all, even after wearing for 24 hours straight. I'm happy I took a chance on ordering these, as so many online products don't live up to the hype. Definitely would recommend to anyone who gets red, bumpy, crusty ears after wearing cheap or so called 'hypo allergenic' earrings.

The part that goes into your ear was too big

Alana Hoop Earrings
Ann Lloyd-Stump
Birthstone earrings

I love to see turquoise on my earrings. It is so beautiful on me. I am very happy with the earrings. Lightweight and beautiful. Thank you!❤️


I ordered the silver with turquoise and they are beautiful. The clasp wasn’t latching right but the exchange process was super easy. They are so comfortable and classy (I have really sensitive ears) and I love the continuous hoop design.

So close…

I bought this for an upper ear cartilage piercing and, like all Tinilux earrings, the quality is lovely. I love the continuous hoops and the fact that they don’t irritate my sensitive ears (I can’t wear sterling silver). However, this snug earring has 2 issues — first, I couldn’t get the bar through my piercing for some reason. Second, the crystals are much smaller than I expected and I couldn’t get a good hold to screw them back onto the bar. I ultimately gave up trying to get it on and returned :/

Dainty and beautiful

Love all these flat backs. Don’t irritate and are gorgeous.

Mini Layla Studs
Chelsie Haynes
Love them

I got my ears pierced for the third time in July and they just never really healed. I’m allergic to all the earrings I have previously worn, which is why I’ve had my ears pierced 3 different times over the years. I’ve been wearing my Tini lux earrings for 3 days now and my piercings are already feeling so much better!

Perfect for sensitive ears

Love how dainty but sparkly these are. I love wearing jewelry but also find myself too lazy to change them daily. These are perfect for long-term wear!


Very comfortable and cute. First pair of earrings I never take off. I sleep, shower, exercise, etc., no problem.

Broken within a week

Save your money! Not only are they an incredibly ugly gunmetal color, one of the hoops broke within a week of wearing them and no longer stays closed.

Beautiful style and NO irritation

I gave up wearing earrings besides special occasions when I’d put them on for a picture and immediately take them back off, and still have horribly irritated ears.
Well not anymore thanks to Tini Lux!!! These are the first affordable earrings that I can actually wear, plus the quality is amazing. I’ve had these for about a month now and have no issues. I love the birthstone option (though I got mine in my favorite color rather than my birthstone!) the size is perfect, the style is perfect, and I love these earrings!

Gauge is too thick

I love the size of the stud, but these earrings are completely unusable because the gauge is too think. I think the screw head is what makes the post thicker. Super bummed I can’t wear it!



They are a little bigger than I expected them to be.
I ordered a pair, and one of them does not latch at all. The hinge is too loose and it hangs open in my ear. The second one does snap shut, but the bar that goes through the ear is bent, and the hinge is very stiff.
I expected something better for $60 a pair, so I'm pretty disappointed.

I’m so happy I purchased these earrings! They are simple yet elegant.


One earring did not click closed and opened by itself. My husband noticed that the post was slightly crooked and bent it. Now it clicks shut securely. I haven't worn earrings for years and omce I put these on over a month ago, I haven't taken them off (even shower and sleep with them on). I don't even know that they are on. So comfortable and yet stylish. They go with everything I wear. It's my new look, and I have received compliments. So grateful for these awesome earrings. Thank You Tini Lux!

Chunky but light

I'm enjoying these in silver. They are not very shiny and can look very dark at the seams of the twist, almost black. I think they are a balance of tough, edgy, and fancy. They are chunky, so evident, but not heavy.


Have had issues with ear rings hurting my ears and making them inflamed so haven’t used them in years. Tried Tini Lux and haven’t had one issues.

Adorable earrings! My daughter will love these.