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Rooftop Hoops
Samantha Shubert
Love love love

I ordered two earrings, Rooftop hoops and Mini Celeste April Studs and I absolutely love them. I have very sensitive ears and I haven't worn earrings in years. Most earrings make my ears red, itchy, puffy, and swollen. I appreciated that the team sends you care instructions for those who haven’t worn earrings in a while. These earrings are great for my sensitive ears and I will be ordering more!

Mini Coco Studs
Leonette Gunther
Nothing mini about it.

Beautiful earrings, but the space left with the screw back closure is much too large. The earring sag.

Love the look, stone fell out

Love the look of these, no problems wearing them, but after a few months of regular wear, the stone fell out of one of the earrings. Luckily, I was able to find it, superglue it back in, and get the superglue off the earring using nail polish remover. Didn't expect to have this problem at this price point.

Worth the money

As I’ve gotten older, I have developed extreme sensitivity to most metals used for earrings. I thought that these were a little bit more expensive than what I wanted to pay, for something so small, but I have to say that they have been in my ears for over two weeks now and I have had zero reaction to them. These are my first purchase from this company, but will definitely not be the last. Already thinking about what my summer staple should be. I bought these in gold.

March Hoops
Ani Moseshvili

I love this products🥹

Date Night Hoops
Alexis Filmer

Date Night Hoops

Livie Opal Studs
Samantha Harris
Great for Sensitive Ears!

I haven't worn earrings much in the last few years and when I try to now, my ears hurt for a week afterwards. I got this pair and have had them in for 3 weeks straight with no pain. I love them!

Mystery Bundle
Sophie Ye

Great selection

Perfect for sensitive ears

I got these titanium earrings due to my ears becoming sensitive recently. These aren’t bothering my ears and I have received so many complements!

Tennis Necklace
Ashley Jimenez

Absolutely love how cute this is! Doesn’t go green so you can take a shower with it. I am allergic to nickel jewelry so when I found out this was nickel free I had to have it. Worth the price 🫶🏽🫶🏽

Wouldn’t stay clasped

These are super cute but they would not stay clasped.


I am sensitive to literally all types of metals but these have been incredible! No reaction whatsoever and can wear for unlimited amount of time.

So comfortable

These are so light and comfortable. I forget I'm even wearing them. They're a really nice size too.

Bijou Studs
Alexis Marie
Absolutely love

These earrings are beautiful and can be worn for an occasion. They can be dressed up or down. Highly recommend.

Single Piper Hoop
Alexis Marie
Love in Daith

This piece of jewelry is stunning in my Daith piercing!

Gemini Studs
Alexis Marie
Pretty but Uncomfortable

I love the way that these look in. I put them in my triples but unfortunately the sharp edges kept cutting my ears at night and they irritated my piercing that I have had several years without any issues.

They’re so good

Love these

September Studs
Joanna Winn

September Studs

Getaway Hoops
Elana Leithold
Not for me

These are very nice hoops, but the posts on them are much thicker than others I own and they hurt when I put them in.

Ava Studs
Amanda Bailey
Already lost one

I wanted to love these so much for my 5 year old daughter who has sensitive skin. But after only wearing them for a couple weeks one of the earrings has come out twice and now it lost. The screw on portion seems to be super short and even when screwed on all the way I guess it wasn’t stable enough. Bummer. $50 wasted :\

Very cute but know its tiny!

Super cute! Love this brand, my ears never get irritated and can wear them ALL the time! Know these are pretty tiny so if you have bigger lobes they will not fit, only will work on my second hole or cartilage/tregas. Thanks, Tinilux! -A forever buyer

Perfect earring for sensitive ears!

After having problems with my ears for years (pretty much my whole life) and not being able to wear any earrings for longer than a few hours if at all, these are a saving grace. I was able to put them in after 3 years of not wearing anything because of the pain, and after a day of sore ears from essentially re-opening my piercings, I’ve had no problems. Can easily sleep with them in, wear them in the shower, etc. So glad I found these and trusted other peoples reviews!

too small

I bought these for my tween daughter but unfortunately they do not fit over her earlobes. I am swapping for her birthstone studs instead, as Tini Lux are the only earrings that do not irritate her ears!


Bought the Emerald Coco studs and am very happy with them. As always, any Tinilux earring never causes my ears to react / get raw & sore. So happy to have found this brand after my ears started reacting to my many pairs of gold & platinum several years ago. Since that started happening, TiniLux titanium earrings are the ONLY earrings that keep my ears comfortable even when left in all day long.
The reason I give them 4 stars rather than 5 is because they are described as being “Emerald” and the green stone is not at all the shade of a true emerald. That being said….emeralds come in many shades, but all of them darker & bluer than these faux emeralds. They are large & flashy bling type earrings. A teeny bit on the heavy side, but not so much that they drag my earlobes down. On days when I wear my bright green sweater & I’m in the mood for some serious “bling”…these are great earrings.

Tennis Bracelet
Hayley Mckinney
Best Jewelry

LOVE this brand! It looks just like the pictures and is so cute! Doesn’t leave green marks on your body, like other jewelry.