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best earrings!

these earrings are such great quality and so cute! i never take them out and they look like new! i wear them when i workout, shower, swim, everywhere! and, in a few weeks they also managed to heal my stubborn piercings that hadn’t healed in a year! such a great product for the price! buy these earrings!!!!

If you love the mini Trendsetters, upgrade to the regular size

I started small with the mini Trendsetter Hoops and wore them DAILY for months, but wanted a bigger statement earring, so I upgraded to the regular size and it is GORG. I love. You will too.

Backing not secure

Loved how simple and cute these were, but the backings don’t stay on snugly and I lost one of the earrings within the first week of wearing them. Disappointed since they weren’t cheap!

Danielle Kirshenblat
Game changer

I, like so many folks on this website, could not wear ANY earrings due to terrible metal allergies. When I found TiniLux I was ecstatic. I began replacing all of my earrings with their gorgeous hoops and studs. The Niobium hooks though are a real game changer because now I can wear earrings from anywhere and basically turn them into TiniLux quality earrings. I can also dig up the many earrings I've received as gifts and even some family vintage pieces that I could never wear before and replace their hooks with these. This opens up a whole new world and it's really hard to explain how exciting that is for someone who could never accessorize before without terrible ear pain. I'm definitely going to buy several more pairs of these hooks. Thank you TiniLux <3

Mini Coco Studs
Stacy Laughlin
Gorgeous little earrings...terrible back

These earrings are so cute and elegant. I got the silver and green, and they are a fine size for me even though I'm an adult and technically they are kids earrings. The only thing I hate about them is the included backs. I have pretty short nails and the backs are so tiny they are impossible to hold between my fingertips and screw them onto the back of the earrings. I wasted 20 minutes trying before I gave up and used the backs from another pair of my tiny lux earrings. That worked okay, although since the tops of the posts are made for screw on backs it was a little hard to get them on. If you're going to make screw on backs, please make them more user friendly. I still love the earrings despite the issues with the backs. My ears are non-irritated for the first time in years since I started wearing tiny lux.

Lea Pave Studs
Giulia Guerrieri

Perfect for my everyday stack!! Love love love! You need these

Cute and small

Nice classic dainty Huggies. I ordered two and the clasp for one was looser but customer service helped me make a small adjustment that fixed it. They are pretty small; smaller than expected, but I actually like them a lot on me. I meant to wear these in my second lobe piercing but ended up wearing in my first. I was worried if the color would look plastic-y but it doesn’t. Comfortable to wear all the time and sleep in. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!!

Gorgeous delicate necklace

I really love this necklace. The black pendant is delicate and looks like it could be an antique design (except of course it's new and shiny!), the black gem is nice because it looks a bit edgier and less feminine than other coloured gems. I especially love the chain design. It's got an interesting twisted texture unlike other chains I've seen and is my favourite chain design I've ever had. This length is a bit longer than the Lilou necklace I have which is good (for me I find the Lilou quite short). I really hope Tini Lux make more necklaces with this chain design, especially longer chains that sit more around the cleavage area. My only improvement on this necklace would be to add some kind of metal tag or something by the clasp to weight it down, because the clasp does slip around to the front over time. Something to weight it down so it doesn't move would be good.

Hamsa Studs
Sandra Gross
Hamsa Studs

They were much smaller than I expected.

Great earrings!

Pretty & easy to wear

I don’t think 5 stars is high enough…

I love these earrings. They’re comfortable, gorgeous to look at, light weight and dress up any outfit. I love them. Buy them, you won’t regret it.

Cute but check post length

I think the earring I got is so cute and it’s very comfortable. I have sensitive skin and it isn’t bothering me at all. The post length is too long for a cartilage piercing which is my only complaint.

No allergic reaction!!

These are the first hypoallergenic earrings that actually lived up to its name for me! They look great, and don’t cause any issues! Highly recommend

Samira Studs
Carina Soto
Love our Tini Lux earrings

Decided to give Tini Lux a try after thinking my daughter and I could never wear earrings again. We both have metal allergies and have tried so many other earrings and nothing else worked for us. I’m excited to order more

Large Rooftop Hoops
Melanie Davenport
Ta matia sou tessera!

Watch out for these awesome earrings! After almost two years of not being able to wear earrings at all (repeat infections over and over), I finally have them on comfortably. So glad I clicked on the Tini Lux ad that popped up on my FB. Seriously, I feel like a part of me was returned and made whole. And to have it be the evil eye is just icing on the cake. Love them — they’re so comfortable it feels like I’m not wearing anything.

Large Rooftop Hoops
Lauren Werner

Only earrings that don’t leave my ears swollen and itchy! And so cute.

June Hoops
Beautiful and Match Online Photos - Little Play of Light Though

I made the mistake of not looking closely at the stone color before purchasing, which is a blue-ish purple moonstone rather than the clearer rainbow moonstones I'm used to and have in other jewelry. The stones are really pretty but don't have amazing play of light. The gold color of the metal is impressive! I've bought other brands' stainless steel gold-colored jewelry and thought it looked dull so I'm glad that Tinilux's titanium products have a lot more sparkle to them. The clasps also click well and were aligned just fine. The packaging is minimal (yay for the environment) but cute.


Love these earrings! Perfect for everyday wear.

I did not purchase these, but please stock the midnight coco studs separately, they're so cute! Not interested in the necklace but would 100% get the earrings!

Single Small Rooftop Huggie
Rebecca Shaffer-Allen
Perfect Everyday Earring!

These are beautful and delicate and perfect for everyday. I've had reactions to every earing I've ever worn - except these! Truly amazing.

June Studs
Jannette Kelly

I've ordered from them a couple times now and I absolutely love the quality of their earrings. I wear mine everyday and they have held up great over the past year.

Libra Studs
I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about these, but they have become my favorite casual pair!

They are so cute in person, much daintier than I feared after looking at the photos online. I like having a personalized earring to wear. I don’t stack, but I think they’d be a perfect addition to a set if you have that.

Castor Studs
Sander Moffitt
So cute!

These are great—wanted something really high quality as the first earring to wear in my new second lobe piercings. The little stars are adorable.

Love love

Omg so excited to wear earrings again… ears feels great. Earrings are high quality and look it. Can’t wait to expand my collection!

Fell out on first use

was excited to try them but the first time I wore them one of them fell out and is already lost :( And yes I had fastened it properly, but the fastener seems to be not very good quality and bends easily. I was not even doing sports etc, just walking and it already fell out. Not worth 50$