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loved them they’re super pretty but i was going to put them in my second holes in my ears and found that the diameter was a little too small, would be great for a cartilage piercing though!

I really love these! I’m a Toast listener and found Tini Lux through the podcast! I always trust Jax and Claud! I have sensitive ears, and have been on the hunt for earrings that will not be irritating or infect my ear ring piercings! I have 3 holes (piercings)in each of my ear lobes. Anyway, got these small rooftop hoop earrings and they are perfect in my 2nd piercing! They are so cute, perfect size, and comfy! I’m now looking for an earring, preferably small hoop/huggie for my 3rd hole piercing that gets infected easily! **Also love that you can leave these in for showers and sleep in them w/o any irritation!**

Poppy Necklace
T Singleton

Beautiful and light weight. I can pair it with my other necklace. Very on trend.

Very high-end looking and elegant. Brilliant sparkle. Easy to clasp and unclasp. A staple in my current rotation.

Cute!! And huge!! I suggest using one of those plastic clutches because the hooks kept falling off my ear. Other than that, I'm satisfied.

Camille Hoop Earrings
Olivia Smithson
Elegant Earrings with a Minor Flaw

These earrings from Tini Lux are simply stunning! Their design is elegant and versatile, making them a perfect match to pair with another set from the same brand or to wear alone for a touch of sophistication.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident. They have quickly become one of my favorite accessories, garnering compliments wherever I go.

However, I encountered a slight issue with one of the hinges. It seems a bit tight, making it difficult to open all the way and somewhat tricky to close once on my ear. While this hasn't detracted significantly from my overall enjoyment of the earrings, it's worth noting as it may be a concern for others.

Despite this minor flaw, I still highly recommend these earrings for their beauty and versatility. They add a touch of glamour to any look and are sure to become a staple in your jewelry collection.

Just Ok

I was really excited to try Tinilux earrings (I don’t have sensitive ears but like supporting small businesses) but unfortunately the post going into the ear is too thick and hurts going in, impossible to close the earring.
From reading reviews other people had the same issue.
**Please take note and fix the problem!!
I don’t like returning online items (specially with a restocking fee) so I had my husband grind the post thinner so they now fit. It’s not ideal but It fixed the problem (he’s a jeweler, don’t worry)
Also the color is very dark. Looks almost gun metal, not silver.

Everyday essential!

I have received so many compliments on these hoops. I love that they are comfortable for daily wear and can’t recommend them enough.

Beautiful and easy to wear

I love the weight of these earrings - so lightweight I barely notice I'm wearing them. They are big enough to add a nice sparkle to the sides of my face, but subtle enough for everyday. I may never take them off! (I have quite a few pairs of TiniLux earrings and these are my favorite so far.)

Absolutely love being able to wear earrings again!

So cute. Very durable. Love! Thank you TiniLux!

Love them, but hate screw backs

These earrings are beautiful, but if I had one gripe, it’s that they’re screw backs. They are difficult to remove when you want to take them out. I worked on one ear for over 20 min just trying to unscrew it. If tiniLux can offer pushpin styles, that would be great!

Farrah Hoop Earrings
Virginia Hooper
Super cute

This is my second purchase since first purchase of this brand changed my ability to finally wear earrings. Hoops are cute and great for daily wear. One hoop came with clasp not latching appropriately and customer service handled issue quickly. Best product and customer serves so far.

Only earrings I can wear

I’ve tried to have my ears pierced since I was 10. I’m a middle age women now and finally found an earring my ears do not try to reject. I did not experience and swelling or irritation. So excited I can finally have my ears pierced and stay that way. Earring still looks new and I’ve swam and showered with it in place.

Short post, impossible to get in

I purchased for a cartilage piercing. The posts are NOT EVEN CLOSE to long enough to get fastened in a cartilage piercing. I also tried in a lobe piercing, still too short. I'm sad because I was very excited about the flat back

Small Abigail Hoop Earrings
Samantha Atherton
Love them!

Perfect size! My new favorite pair of earrings

Opal fell out

A piece of the opal fell out before I could get them in my ear! I’ve read other reviews about opal falling out from different types of earrings from here, so maybe it’s the opal. I’ve never had an issue with their earrings before.

love this little hoop for my 2nd lobe piercings and cartilage. great quality and no irritation after months of non stop wear

beautiful hoops, with the pearls they are so
classy. no irritation ever, great quality and customer service

They don’t match any of my other gold jewelry because the gold is really brassy. It’s probably because it is a higher quality of metal, but I don’t like how dark they are.

The searing look great in the box, but I can’t get them in my ears. The clasps don’t line up. Tried to get in touch with the company and haven’t heard back.

Safe for my ears

This is my first and only pair of Tini Lux earrings, and to my surprise, they are actually comfortable and don't irritate my lobes nearly as badly as conventional earrings. They feel secure on my ears, no risk of falling out. Don't love that the prong that goes into your piercing is curved, though.

As for the style -- first of all, I ordered the silver color, but it does not in fact look like real silver. The color is much darker than actual silver, so I feel like the color name is misleading. In the photos they look much brighter and lighter than they do in real life. Next, for thicker hoops, they are lightweight, which I appreciate. The style itself is a bit more industrial/brutalist than I imagined they would be, but I don't hate it.

All in all, the earrings are pretty good, if overpriced. Would consider buying other pairs from this company. Curious to see how the gold color looks irl.

It worked for my sensitive ears. I love it

It's such great and beautiful

Bijou Stud Earrings
Sadie Ryals
Keep losing the gem

I don’t sleep or shower with these studs in and I’ve gotten a replacement already and it also had the gem pop right off after a week. I love this brand but I’m disappointed in these 70$ earrings that break after a week of wear