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Giving three stars because I am having a reaction to them. It seems more mild than what I have experienced with other earrings and am hoping that it's just part of getting used to them and will go away. I am very hopeful!


My 10 year old granddaughter is so happy. She has had problems with her ears clearing up. Your earrings have done the trick. Thank you.


Beautiful earrings! So excited to finally find earrings that i can wear every day that my ears don't react to and don't cost a fortune!

Magic earrings!

For years I haven’t been able to wear earrings for more than a few hours at a time without my ears starting to itch and burn - but not these! I haven’t taken them out since they came in the mail and my ears have never felt better. Will definitely buy again!


My new favorite pair!

I love my retro hoops! I’ve worn them pretty much every day since I got them. They are such great quality and look great with everything!

Can’t feel the weight

In addition to the skin sensitivity, my earlobes are very thin cartilage, and they may have been pierced a bit low ( I blame my 13 year old self ), so the result is that the pierce hole has ripped almost through. Even lightweight earrings that I’ve sought out feel like they will finish off the tear. But these work for me. Believe it or not when I saw a review for another style that said ‘flimsy’, my response was - ‘Perfect!’ If you are like me and really cannot wear earrings of hardly any weight, give these a try.

No Skin Inflammation— Stylish and Pretty!

All of the above

Daughter with sensitive skin

Love them, daughter loves them. Please make cute styles for girls . My daughter is 8


Very good bon vivant gifts

Very Happy

received my earrings and was very pleased by the size. I don't wear earrings much but wanted to switch up and add something for everyday wear. it's the perfect size!


I have had lupus for over half my life, and a long time ago, I had to give up wearing Jewelry altogether bc the cheap metals would cause an allergic reaction, which would cause a flare-up of my skin symptoms. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO TINI LUX FOR MAKING EARRINGS I CAN WEAR WITHOUT ANY ISSUES. I feel beautiful again, at last.


My ears were to the point where they would turn red and nasty with even pure gold. This was my last option, so I decided to give it a try. I hadn’t really worn earrings In years. I’ve been wearing these adorable earrings for about a week with very few problems. I’m thrilled!

All beauty and no pain

This is the first time my daughter has been able to enjoy wearing a pretty pair of earrings with no pain. She's 11 and loves the rose gold starter studs. So glad we found Tini Lux. Now I have to get myself a pair!

No more painful piercings!

I've been allergic to metals all my life, and have only ever been able to tolerate Platinum, which is too costly for everyday earrings. Tried these as a last ditch effort before giving up and letting my holes close, and I'm glad I did! In a week, and zero pain or irritation. I only wish there were more styles in studs - like minis and bars.


So happy to start to see my daughter’s pierced ears heal and not constantly battle infections and pain! Rose gold is pretty & simple design is elegant!


These look good with everything

Best earrings I’ve ever had!

Tinilux earrings are the only earrings that I have been able to wear without any discomfort or reaction at all. I definitely recommend these for anyone with super sensitive ears, they are life changing!

So nice!

hypoallergenic never works for me but these actually did!

minimal & cute

love this chain style, its really on trend

Hypoallergenic indeed

My swollen ears went back to normal once I switched my gold earrings to these! Good purchase

Bought for my daughter

These are the only earrings she can wear. She lost the backs but customer service was great.


dont bother my ears at all. been wearing for weeks, love them. so sleek

Throw out your other earrings

Really good quality and no irritation

So cute!

I love these so much! They don't bother my years and they're so cool and unique