2024 Jewelry Trends That You Can Actually Wear Everyday

2024 Jewelry Trends That You Can Actually Wear Everyday

By Britanny Murray

As a jewelry brand, it’s always an exciting time to see the yearly articles on upcoming seasonal jewelry trends. It's interesting to see what media outlets forecast as the must-have styles for the year, what aesthetics people are gravitating towards, and what's hot off the runway. 

While we love seeing and trying to replicate these trends, unfortunately, some of them just aren’t realistic enough for everyday wear. In order to bring a little practicality to these stunning trends, we’re taking some of the most popular runway trends from some of our favorite media outlets, and suggesting pieces that 1) are in line with the trend and 2) you can actually wear every day.  

Net a Porter is saying that souped-up hoops will be making one of the biggest comebacks in 2024 and references JLO’s iconic 2003 Love Don’t Cost a Thing music video. Her massive hoop earrings were easily the focal point of her look and had everyone scrambling to replicate (mind you, I was only 6 years old at this time, but I’ve heard the stories.) While we love the statement of the jumbo-sized hoops, it’s just not realistic for everyday wear. 

To keep up with the souped-up hoops trend but make it more conducive to your everyday style, opt for our Large Round Trip Hoops. The thin and flat large hoops are skin-friendly, lightweight, and still make a bold statement. 

large hoop earrings 2024 trend Large wide and flat hoop earrings made with non-allergenic medical grade titanium

Cuffs and bangles have been a hit for a few seasons now, and it’s no surprise that they’re once again making their return in 2024. InStyle predicts that we’ll see “stacks in favor of more opulent and architectural silhouettes”. While the trend and the design of the pieces are stunning, how realistic is it? If you love a good arm candy moment, opt for a chunkier statement bracelet that you can dress up or down that will align perfectly with your everyday. 

2024 bangles and cuffs trend water resistant and made with hypoallergenic metals chunky link bracelet 

The mismatched earring trend is one that InStyle says will be on the rise in 2024. It was seen all up and down the Fall 2023 runways and will continue throughout the spring and summer seasons. If you’re a fan of the mismatched earring trend but looking for a more subtle approach, the Nina Studs are just what you need. The drop stud earrings feature alternating crystal and pearl gemstones, allowing for versatility when creating stacks or wearing alone. 

2024 mismatched earrings trends The mismatched elevated stud earrings feature alternating crystal and pearl gemstones

Elle says, “Playing around with ring combos and stacks has never been more fun,” and we couldn’t agree more. 2024 seems to have a vibe that’s all about stacking, whether that be your rings, earrings, or bracelets. When it comes to creating a ring stack, it’s always best to start off with a chunker-style ring first; you can then layer and add thin stacker rings or continue with more chunky styles. If you’re on the hunt for your everyday ring stack, start off with our skin-friendly chunky dome ring, dainty thin stacker ring, and minimal beaded ring

ring stacks 2024 jewelry trend hypoallergenic chunky skin friendly gold dome ring


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