10 Fun Indoor Activities at Home

10 Fun Indoor Activities at Home

By Jacqueline Burke

10 Fun Indoor Activities at Home

Holiday season is upon us. Without holiday parties, fancy NYE nights out, traveling, and large family gatherings, most of us have a lot more free time.  That doesn't mean we have to sit around binge watching ANOTHER show (although that's fine too).

For everyone who is looking for something different to do during your down time the next few weeks, we put together these 10 ideas for indoor activities at home. These activities are perfect for small groups of friends or family.

1. DIY Paint and Sip (sipping optional)

There are tons of painting tutorials on Youtube. My personal favorites are the Bob Ross videos. To prep for this activity, you will need canvases, paint, and paint brushes and some wine. It is helpful to watch the video in advance so that you can pause it at opportune points to paint.

2. Chopped or Great British Bake Off Challenge

See who is really the best cook or baker in the house. You can go a lot of different ways with this challenge. You can buy specific ingredients, or just use what you have in the fridge. Alternatively, if you're doing this with kids, you could just bake a large batch of cookies or make a few small cakes have a decorating contest.

3. Learn a TikTok Dance

You don't actually have to post the video to TikTok (but you can!).  It's fun to just get in on the TikTok hype and learn one of the dances. They are harder than you think! This link has some tutorials. 

4. Learn to Make a Signature Cocktail

This is a great activity to use up a bottle of alcohol that your were gifted. Choose a few different recipes and test them out. Find your favorite and use it as a signature cocktail when you have guests over!

  5. Play a Board Game

Catan, Cranium, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride - these are all great board games for groups of 3-4 people. If there are only two of you (and you recently watched The Queen's Gambit) try honing your chess game!

6. Wine Tasting Contest

  For this activity, one person needs to purchase 4 bottles of wine or champagne (or really any alcohol) at varying price ranges.  Mark the bottom of the bottles with the price and cover up the labels so that there are no hints to price.  Have everyone taste the 4 different wines and write down which they think was the most expensive and which was the least. Prizes go to the person that guesses closest to the right answer!

7. Trivia Game

There are a lot of resources for online trivia, but you can also make your own! If you want to download a pre-made trivia game, check out The Quizmasters. You could do this team style or host your own Jeopardy game.

8. DIY Olympics

Pair off or play individually. Choose a country to represent and make flags and metals for the winners. Compete on fun activities with stuff you around the house. Some fun ideas:

Race Backwards

Tug of War

Balloon Between the Knees Race

Discus Throw (with paper plates)


9. Improv Skit

Break up into two teams and let the other team decide on the prompt for your skit.  Cardinal rule of improv: "yes, and..." always agree with what your partner said and then add something to the scene!  Bonus: do this after the wine taste test and film the skits to watch the next day!

10. Indoor Snowball Fight

This is a fun activity with kids (and no actual snow is required). Instead of snowballs, use socks! Gather your supplies and break up into teams. If you have the space, you can play this like dodge ball. If you get hit, you're out!


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