2 days in France with Brooke | Tini Lux

2 days in France with Brooke

By Jacqueline Burke

We partnered with one of our favorite bloggers, Brooke Ventre aka @VeganBeautyGuru, to talk about how she styled her Tini Lux earrings for her recent trip to France!

While in Paris she wore the 70's Hoops. These are the perfect earrings for Paris where the style is classic and chic, never trendy. Here's what she had to say:

"Packing for Paris I knew to bring my usual wardrobe which consists of modern basic clothing to dress up or down. I knew my perfect earrings from Tini Lux would make any outfit look like a million bucks. I felt the 70's Hoops, pictured above, catching the reflection of Paris as I walked through the streets and visited cafes along the way. I got so many compliments and they made me feel very special."

Later on in her trip she visited the south of France, which has a much more beachy, laid back feel than the high fashion streets of Paris. For that portion of her trip, she styled the Seashell Hoops. Seashell accessories are the hottest trend for beach wear this year; wearing them instantly makes your feel like you're on vacation. Here's what Brooke said about them: 

"The next pair of earrings I styled were my very beautiful Seashell Hoops. What better place to wear these than by the Mediterranean sea overlooking the beautiful water. These earrings took my outfit to another level and everyone wanted a pair! They are so comfortable and lightweight that I bet I could sleep in them - but I don't think that's recommended (lol)!"




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Brooke 5/26/2020

Still my favorite earrings til this very day! – @veganbeautyguru

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