2022 style horoscopes for the signs

2022 Style Horoscopes for the Signs

By Britanny Murray

Today we're providing you with style and aesthetic horoscopes for the year ahead, courtesy of astrologer and horoscope writer Tess Lee.

Tess has been featured in outlets like Cosmopolitan and BravoTv  giving out some of the best astrological advice. Follow Tess on Twitter and Instagram, where she keeps you updated on what's going on in the sky. Head over to Tess's website where you can check out her blog and book a reading

If you're looking for style advice for the year, keep scrolling and see what the fashion stars have in store for you.  


Your aesthetics get a major upgrade this summer. You’ll be more experimental with how you present yourself to the world. For you, contrasting with others is the priority! 




Your styling choices have been under renovation for quite some time but as you head into 2022, simple becomes more. Sustainability matters. You need to make a statement more than ever.




Bust out your most decadent and lavish pieces for the world to see! More than ever, eyes are on you and with this newfound visibility, you need to let people know how much style you have. Wear blues and yellow for good luck and store your jewelry in a tin box for prosperity.




Your most memorable pieces this year will be on your travels. If you are thinking of getting custom made items this may be the time to do it! You’ll have lots of souvenirs.




This is the perfect year to get engravings and pieces that hold sentimental value for you. Not everyone gets to see your precious collection this time around. Of course, many of your pieces will be gifted or purchased by other people. Expect hand down jewelry and heirlooms to grace your selection.




You’re known for your simplistic choices but you may be toying around with extravagance this year. This is a good time to ask for advice on how to shake your aesthetic up! Go for outrageous and leave the clean look behind.




Your style and accessory choices will reflect what your body needs at the moment. You may have specific allergies to certain clothing and jewelry so prioritize wearing hypoallergenic materials, especially your tini lux pieces!




Pressures to conform to what everyone else is wearing may be present but this is the year to wear what you find enjoyable, sexy, and fun. Splurge on yourself! You will definitely be receiving an extravagant gift or two, especially from secret admirers.




Your most precious pieces are what you find on the ground, either through excursions or in the nooks and crannies of your room. You have a higher rate to lose jewelry this year so make sure you keep it in safe places. Your most extravagant pieces will be through hand-me-downs.




For you, simple is the staple as you will be on the go this year. You may notice wearing the same necklace or a favorite pair of earrings a lot this time around. Keep your good luck charms in hand, you will definitely need it for your travels.




This is the year to build up your collection. You may find yourself hoarding more jewelry and accessories than you will have time for, but the point is to immerse yourself in things you find beautiful and less on practicality. As you continue to downsize parts of your life, don’t punish yourself for splurging when the desire calls.




This is the year to be the muse of everybody’s dream. More than ever, your stylistic choices will reflect who you actually are. You have a greater grasp on what you wish to show the world. Be opulent, extravagant, and totally off script. Everyone’s going to be obsessed anyway.


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