2022 tini lux recap

2022 Tini Lux Recap

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The year 2022 is coming to an end, but before we say goodbye, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what an amazing year it has been for Tini Lux.

Founded in 2017, 2022 marked an incredible 5 years for us. We are so grateful to our amazing customers who continuously support us and without you Tini Lux wouldn’t be where it is today.

To wrap up the year with a bang, we are highlighting some of the best moments that happened in 2022, including all of our collection launches, events, best sellers, and more. 

2022 Collections: 

New Year, new Tini Lux and this year started off on a ethereal note with our Stars Align Collection. The celestial collection was made for zodiac lovers, featuring our first collection of hypoallergenic Zodiac Studs. The astrological inspired collection, quickly become a must have for gift givers and a fan favorite amongst stargazers. 

2022 recap zodiac jewelry collection  2022 recap zodiac jewelry collection

Something old, something borrowed, something blue, something new! Wedding season entered the chat in Spring 2022 with our first ever “Something Blue” bridal collection. This collection was made to take you from your bachelorette party, to your bridal shower, to rehearsal dinner and then finally the big day. 

something blue hypoallergenic bridal jewelry hypoallergenic pearl bridal jewelry

Summer was a scorcher and we were more than happy to get away this year. For Summer 22 we booked a flight to Turqs and indulged ourselves with pops of color and iridescent opals. This collection was filled with colorful pieces that added a fun addition to your everyday ear stack. A fun collection inspired by the crystal blues and pink hues of your favorite vacation destinations. 

hypoallergenic gold and turquoise jewelry girl wearing hypoallergenic titanium jewelry with multiple piercings

Arguably the best season of the year, Fall had finally graced us with its long awaited arrival. The coziest time of year, filled with seasonal drinks, food and precious moments shared with loved ones, we wanted the You & Me Collection to embody just that. Our first gender neutral collection filled with tini luxuries and specifically designed to share with someone you love.

couple wearing matching hypoallergenic jewelry hypoallergenic jewelry for men guy wearing gold hoop earrings and onyx necklace

2022 Events: 

This year our team hosted 3 successful collection launch events. To celebrate our Something Blue Collection, we co-hosted a beautiful bridal brunch with Island To East Side at Maman Soho. 

bridal brunch at maman nyc  2022 tini lux bridal event recap maman soho

When we landed in Turqs, we celebrated by hosting a Summer Wellness Event. Guests were able to shop from Daughter Lessons and Indy Sunglasses, with light refreshments provided by Busy Bee Organics. Ear seeds were provided from Accuworx, while Editor Samanatha Costantino provided intuitive card readings. 

tini lux summer wellness event  tini lux wellness summer event

team tini lux summer 2022 wellness event tini lux 2022 headquarters

To celebrate 5 years of Tini Lux and the launch of our You & Me collection, we hosted an amazing anniversary dinner at Upland. We were so grateful to be able to celebrate with such great friends and family, and couldn’t have asked for a better 5 year celebration. 

tini lux founder jackie burke and husband cj lee tini lux 5 year anniversary dinner at upland nyc

tini lux 5 year anniversary drink menu ideas  tini lux 2022 team photo 5 year anniversary

2022 Best Sellers: 

No surprises here that our 2022 best sellers list contain some of the most essential Tini Lux pieces. If you’re new to Tini Lux these would all be great starters to add to your collection. Trust us when we say our Rooftop Hoops are the most perfect everyday hoop earrings, with a barely there feeling you will most likely forget you even have them in. 

1. Rooftop Hoops 

2. Livie Studs 

3. Livie Opal Studs 

4. Large Rooftop Hoops 

5. Date Night Hoops 

titanium hypoallergenic gold hoop earrings  girl with 3 ear piercings wearing titanium hypoallergenic hoop earrings


2022 Team Favorites: 

Jackie's Favorite: Chelsea Bracelet 

jackie burke founder of tini lux  hypoallergenic gold charm bracelet with onyx charm made with pure medical grade titanium

Ashlee's Favorite: Celeste Studs 

ashlee supply chain director at tini lux jewelry prong set silver gemstone earrings made with pure medical grade titanium

Alexa's Favorite: Weekender Hoops 

social media manager tini lux jewelry alexa delcielo  titanium gold braided hoop earrings made with pure medical grade titanium

Brit's Favorite:  Diana Necklace 

britanny murray content and seo marketing manager tini lux jewelry  hypoallergenic dainty pearl necklace made with stainless steel


2022 was such an amazing year and we can't wait to see what 2023 brings! Thank you always to our amazing customers and Happy New Year! - xoxo Team Tini Lux 


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