hypoallergenic waterproof summer jewelry trends 2022

4 Ear Stacks Everyone Will be Wearing This Summer

By Britanny Murray

It’s a Summer of stacking! Our new summer jewelry collection features stunning and colorful hypoallergenic pieces that are perfect for creating chic and trendy summertime ear stacks. We’ve created 4 different ear stacks using our Virtual Ear Stacker Tool, which allows you to mix and match different earrings so you can create a stack that’s perfect for you. 

Gain some inspiration below or head over to our Ear Stacker Tool and create your own. Create a stack and get 15% OFF when you buy 3 items or more! 

Featuring our Pave Trendsetter in the first lobe piercing, followed by our best-selling Date Night Hoops, this glistening stack is perfect for those who love an extra summertime glisten. The Mini Celeste is placed in the third lobe piercing connected by our titanium 50 MM chain to the Audrey Crawler screwback stud. The hypoallergenic earring chain adds a sleek edge to the all crystal stack. 

hypoallergenic ear stack with gold hoop earrings and titanium earring connector chain  hypoallergenic oval shaped hoop earrings with crystal stones

endless crystal and gold hoop earrings titanium earring connector chain


The perfect everyday stack featuring some of our best-sellers. Our new hypoallergenic evil eye stud is placed in the first lobe piercing with the turquoise gemstone adding just the right amount of pop of color. Lucky for you our Main Sail Huggies are finally back in stock, pictured here in the second lobe and upper helix piercings. Our Offshore Huggie (also now available in all birthstone colors),  is nestled in the third lobe piercing, giving an edgy vibe to this overall polished daily wear stack. 

hypoallergenic ear stack idea hypoallergenic turquoise evil eye stud earrings

gold textured cartilage earrings  hypoallergenic stud earrings with titanium hanging chain

No denying that turquoise has unofficially officially been deemed the color of the Summer. Our new Alana Hoops are small hypoallergenic endless hoops with turquoise beaded detailing. Effortlessly adding a necessary pop of color to your Summer jewelry collection. Following our turquoise hoops, Mati is placed in the second lobe piercing. The hypoallergenic turquoise evil eye stud is connected to the new Pave Coastal Hoop using our 30 MM earring connector chain. The ASTM F-67 titanium earring features tiny pave crystals along the outside of the hoop. 

gold and turquoise ear stack with hypoallergenic titanium earrings  turquoise gold titanium hoop earrings

 ASTM F-67 titanium hoop earring for cartilage piercings   ASTM F-67 titanium hoop earring for cartilage and upper lobe piercings

This effortless studs stack is simple, chic and ideal for everyday wear. Featuring our Mini Celeste Studs in all three lobe piercings, this stack is perfect for those who prefer a minimal studs look. This stack is polished and dainty with a touch of edge provided by the 30 MM connector chain. Our Single Pave Astrid Flat Back stud is placed in the lower helix piercing followed by the ASTM F-67 titanium Coastal Hoop. 

hypoallergenic studs ear stack hypoallergenic bezel set gemstone earrings

hypoallergenic crystal flat back titanium cartilage earring ASTM F-67 titanium and hypoallergenic hoop earring for cartilage piercings


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