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Four Fool Proof Thanksgiving Outfits

By Jacqueline Burke
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to celebrate. Obviously I love the over the top eating (when else do I get to eat five different desserts in one day?) but I also love it because I get to spend time with loved ones without any of the pressure of gift giving or staying out late.  Whether your celebrating at home with family, with friends, or with your significant other, here are four fool-proof Thanksgiving outfits:
1. Casual Day at Home
This is my kind of Thanksgiving. It's hard to beat a day spent hanging out with family, watching football, playing board games, and eating excessive amounts of great food. Here's my go-to casual outfit:

Thanksgiving Outfit Matching Set Sneakers


2. Formal Dinner
Some families like to celebrate Thanksgiving with a more formal sit down meal. If that's your style, here's your perfect outfit for this year:
Thanksgiving Outfit Sweater Dress Plaid Coat OTK Boots


3. Significant Other/Roommates Family:
If your celebrating with someone else's family this year and you're not sure what their Thanksgiving style is it can be really difficult to decide what to wear. You want to make a good impression and look presentable but not over the top. Here is my foolproof outfit formula:
Thanksgiving Outfit Oversized Sweater Leather Leggings OTK Boots
The boots have a heel so they can be dressy but they also work for a casual affair (or you can just take them off if you're at home and wear some cozy socks). Loose sweater. I mean the loose part is obviously necessary, but it also looks super cute. 
 4. Friendsgiving:
Friendsgiving is great for multiple reasons, 1) you're with your friends 2) you probably don't have to worry about awkward political conversations 3) you get to see who can cook and who can't. Here's a casual-cute look for your Friendsgiving this year:
Thanksgiving Outfit Friendsgiving Outfit



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