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6 Ideas For Packing Jewelry When Traveling

By Jacqueline Burke

6 Ideas For Packing Jewelry When Traveling

Most travel came to grinding halt earlier this year, but for better or worse the world is opening up again.  In many parts of the United States, the stay at home order has been lifted, and mini-vacations are now possible.  
When flying, the goal of packing is usually to pack your belongings as efficiently as possible because, let's be honest, no one wants to pay for a checked bag.  In the near term, most of us are going to be doing a lot more driving than flying for vacation.  When you are driving, the space restrictions are not as strict.  Regardless, you still want your belongings to be safe and easily accessible when you get to your destination.
Here are our 6 tips for packing your jewelry efficiently and safely when traveling.

1. Choose Versatile Items

This is not so much a packing tip, as it is a general travel style tip. It's helpful to choose jewelry that can be worn with a variety of outfits. So, when packing for a trip, it probably isn't the time to pack your largest statement necklaces and cocktail rings.  Choose minimal jewelry like gold hoops or simple titanium studs that can be worn during the day or dressed up at night.
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2. Pack Individually in Mini Zip Bags

It is always a good idea to individually pack each piece of jewelry.  This will help your jewelry to not get scratched or dinged during transit.  If you happen to have small plastic ziploc bags handy, they are great for storing each piece of jewelry during travel. 

3. Use a Contact Case

Everyone who wears contacts has spare contact cases laying around. For small stud earrings, small hoop earrings, charms, and rings, contact cases are great storage vessels for traveling. You can put one piece of jewelry in each side of the case and it will be secure and protected from damage during your trip.  

4. Use Business Cards to Organize Studs 

This tip will work with any type of card stock paper item you have. It works with business cards, index cards, playing cards and even flyers.  Poke the stud earrings through the business card and your studs will be protected from bumping into each other and will be easily accessed when you arrive at your destination.
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5. Use Dust Bags to Organize By Type or For Larger Items

After organizing jewelry in individual containers, group similar items in a dust bag. For example, put all your individually packaged gold hoop earrings in one dust bag, and all your rings in another.

6. Pack in Secure Case

Whether you use the original box your jewelry came in or a special jewelry organizer, it's a good idea to pack all of your jewelry into one secure case when you travel. After individually packaging items so that they don't get scratched or dinged, put everything together in one place.  If you're traveling light, spare sunglass cases can be used in a pinch to group together all of your jewelry.  If you travel frequently, you may want to purchase a travel jewelry organizer that can double as storage when you are home.

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