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(Almost) Every Pair of Earrings from Love is Blind Season 2

By Britanny Murray

One of Netflix’s most popular reality tv shows has made its return. Love is Blind is back for season 2 with a whole new cast of singles ready to answer the question “is love truly blind?” Luckily for you, we’ve binged the most recent season and have curated a list of our favorite jewelry looks from the Love is Blind ladies and how you can get the Tini Lux look for less. 

Don’t worry, we’re not telling you which pod connection lasted or who ended up marrying who but keep scrolling to see most of the earrings worn by the Love is Blind cast this season. 


Shaina Hurley 

Throughout most of the season Shaina is shown wearing essential gold accessories. From what we can see, Shania has her first and second hole pierced, normally wearing small gold hoops in each piercing creating the perfect everyday gold stack. 




Danielle Ruhl 

Danielle is without a doubt a dainty studs girl. Danielle seems to have at least 3-5 piercings in each ear and in most episodes she is seen wearing an ear stack filled with simple silver studs. Re-create Danielle’s ear stack using our virtual ear stacker tool where you can play around and customize your ear using your favorite hypoallergenic stud earrings.




Iyanna McNeely 

We love Iyannas' choice of jewelry throughout the season, it’s simple yet edgy and classic. To mimic Iyannas' double hoop look, we suggest doubling up on our titanium Rooftop Hoops and linking them together to create a similar vibe. 




Natalie Lee 

Natalie often switched it up between studs and hoops. In most episodes she was spotted wearing large pearl studs but would occasionally opt for thick lightweight hoops, stunning statement earrings or a larger simple stud. 




Mallory Zapata 

Mallory is mostly seen wearing large thin hoops throughout the majority of the season. To get Mallory’s signature hoop look, pair your favorite outfit with our Large Long Weekend hoops. The titanium lightweight hoops are slightly thicker but will still effortlessly achieve the same signature style. 




Deepti Vempati 

One thing about Deepti is that she will always be rocking the most stunning statement earrings you’ve ever seen. Although it’s hard to recreate Deepti’s statement earring looks, our Bella Studs will come close. The titanium drop link studs are subtle and lightweight but nevertheless make an effortless and empowering statement. 



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