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Why The Best Earrings for Sensitive Skin are Hypoallergenic

By Jill Burke

What are the best earrings for sensitive skin?

If your favorite pair of earrings is causing you redness, itchiness, irritation, or even bleeding, you are probably asking this question. At Tini Lux we believe that your ears should not have to suffer in the name of accessorizing. In this article we will break down the best earrings for sensitive skin and why hypoallergenic is the answer. 
hypoallergenic sleeper stud earrings made with medical grade titanium gold endless hoop earrings made with pure medical grade titanium
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The Best Earrings for Sensitive Skin are Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic earrings are earrings that do not cause an allergic reaction with the skin. The usual culprit of irritation is nickel, an extremely common allergen that is often used in jewelry. Even gold jewelry, which is often thought of as being hypoallergenic, can contain trace amounts of nickel if it is not pure gold. Allergenic metals and the alloys containing them will irritate your skin if they are present in your jewelry.


The Best Earrings for Sensitive Skin use Titanium or Niobium

When you are looking for earrings that will not cause irritation or an allergic reaction, there are two metals you should look out for: Titanium and Niobium. Titanium and Niobium are non-reactive, biocompatible metals and are the best quality materials for sensitive skin. There is a reason that these are the metals used in medical implants. Learn more about why we describe our jewelry as medical grade and what that means for you. 

Titanium and Niobium are able to coexist with the human body without creating a reaction, and that is why they are also the best metals to look for in jewelry. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, these metals are the best choice as they will not break down when in contact with your skin. If you're searching for the best quality earrings, look no further. 

At Tini Lux, we offer the best hypoallergenic and comfortable earrings for sensitive ears. Whether you are looking for hypoallergenic studs or hoops, all of our jewelry is guaranteed non-reactive, biocompatible and safe for sensitive skin. 

 prong set hypoallergenic diamond stud earrings made with medical grade titanium hypoallergenic chunky mini huggie hoop earrings

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In this day and age, we all have more choices about what we put into our bodies, and the earrings you wear fall into this category. If you have sensitive skin and are experiencing discomfort with your current earrings, try giving hypoallergenic earrings a try. Any pair using titanium or niobium will likely solve your problem.


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