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Celebrity Ear Piercing Round Up

By Jacqueline Burke

Happy Monday! Today I'm talking about two of my favorite topics: jewelry and celebrities. 

Celebrity stylists make sure their clients are always styled head to toe and they don't leave out any details - including their piercings. I love looking at celebrity outfits because there is often a stylist (or team of stylists) whose entire job it was to come up with the outfit. There is so much thought and creativity behind every outfit, it's fascinating. It also makes great #inspo for a Pinterest board. 

Here's a round up of some of my favorite celebrity ear piercings:

Bella Hadid:

Get the look with the Lucky Horseshoe Hoops

Bella Hadid Gold Earrings

Margot Robbie:

Get the look with The Raise the Bar Earrings and the Beaded Cuffs

Margot Robbie Earrings Ear Cuff

Kendall Jenner:

Get the look with The Raise the Bar Earrings

Kendall Jenner Gold Earrings

Victoria Justice:

Get the look with The Bar and Chain Earrings and Beaded Cuffs

Victoria Justice Gold Earrings


Jessica Alba:

Get the look with the Retro-Active Hoops

Jessica Alba Gold Earrings Maroon Dress

Emma Watson:

Get the look with our Pave Cuffs

Emma Watson Earrings Ear Cuffs




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