With 90 degree weather approaching rapidly, summer seems to be creeping up on us faster than expected. We’re ready to wear white again, drive with the windows down and  make up for the lost time of summer's past.   

In preparation for the upcoming summer, we’ve asked some of our favorite digital content creators about a few of their top self care, skincare and beauty tips for the long awaited season. 

Lifestyle blogger, Eleni recommends loading up on SPF daily. “My summer skincare tip  is to load up on the face spf as well as your body. We want to be looking 20 when we are 50 am I right ladies!” 


Co-founder of the streetwear clothing brand Good Health Los Angeles, Brianna Monea says her number one tip for the season is staying hydrated. Hydration is essential all year round but when the summer season kicks off it’s especially crucial to be mindful of.  

“I love the summertime, it’s my favorite time of year. With the high temperatures and humidity, it’s extremely important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I make sure to keep a water bottle in hand at all times” 

We’re all searching for the secret to that 24 hour summer glow. Actor and Model, Nadiyah Kahn says simplicity is key. “I keep it simple with sunscreen and tinted moisturizer.” 

“I use Shiseido Essential Energy day cream (SPF 20) and Smashbox Halo Healthy Glow tinted moisturizer (also SPF 25)” 

Content Creator and Thriftique owner, FashionCrave says her summer glow secret involves swapping out highlighters for a light oil. 

“One of my favorite beauty tips especially during summer to achieve natural glowing skin is a light oil on the cheek bones instead of highlighter and clear lip gloss on the eyelids!” 

 It seems that moisturizers, SPF’s and oils are the gamechangers when it comes to achieving the winning summer skin radiance. 

“Moisture is key. I take extra time to lather my skin in oils, sunscreen, or a hydrating mist to always maintain that summer glow” - Brianna Monea 

Waking up with puffy eyes is not ideal at any time but waking up with puffy eyes during the summer hits a little different, and not in the best way. To avoid this, Eleni recommends grabbing “your favorite serum and a face roller and de puff in the morning for a glow all summer day long."

Summer is long, hot and could be draining both mentally and physically, which is why Brianna recommends finding ways to disconnect. (if only for just a minute). 

“I find it necessary for my mental health to be in nature and truly disconnect from technology. During the summer, I’ll usually go to the park, the beach, and just take walks in my neighborhood (especially at night— so nostalgic). I make it a priority to be outside as much as I can, whenever I can.” 

(Source: Brianna Monea via Instagram Story)
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