Daily Lux with The Daily Jenny

Daily Lux with The Daily Jenny

By Britanny Murray

Today, the Tini Lux team got the opportunity to connect with LA based blogger, Jenny Ly.  Senior Influencer Marketing Manager at Our Place and Instagram blogger (known as @thedailyjenny), Jenny talks to us more about trends, style inspo and what Living a Lux Life means to her.  

Not only is Jenny an Influencer Marketer and Blogger, she is one hell of a baby stylist. Jenny’s feed is filled with adorable pictures of her son styled in some of the trendiest and aesthetically pleasing baby fits. It’s no wonder where Jenny gets her inspiration for content and style, “I am mostly inspired by my son and the amazing creators that I follow.”

Trends are everywhere and anywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with trends as they are constantly changing. We asked Jenny how she transforms trends to make them her own. “I don't really follow trends to be honest. I prefer classic pieces that will last me a while.”

We couldn’t agree more with Jenny and at Tini Lux we believe that the classics will forever be trending. Classic and timeless will always be “in”, and it’s important to have pieces that will always be relevant no matter what trends are being forecasted for that season. 

Living a Lux Life looks and means something different to everyone. As long as you’re living your best life, you’re living a Lux Life. For Jenny, living a Lux Life is living the best version of your life and enjoying the simple luxuries and pleasures that life has to offer. 

We asked Jenny what her number one tip is for elevating her look. “‘I love a good pair of large hoop earrings! I think it really elevates a look.” There’s just something about hoop earrings that really brings a look together. No matter what the outfit is, hoop earrings will always add the perfect touch of chic, confidence and lux. 

Advice comes and goes but good advice will stick with you for a lifetime. We wanted to know what’s the best piece of advice Jenny has received, and it all has to do with finding authenticity within yourself. “The best piece of advice I've ever gotten is to dress for yourself. You'll never find true happiness if you are seeking the validation of others.”


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