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Trending: Curated Ear Piercings

By Jacqueline Burke

The latest trend in ear piercing is the curated ear.  Curated ear piercings are basically multiple ear piercings that are planned to look cohesive. You select specific earrings and piercing placements so that your piercings flow and all look like they go together. This trend is way more individualized than the standard one or two holes.  You may have also heard this called "constellation piercings" because you can design your piercings to look like a constellation on your ear. The ultimate goal is to have all of your ear piercings compliment each other and your style.  The curated ear piercing does not have to be symmetric on each ear. You can do something totally different on one ear than on the other. 

To achieve this look, you have to do some planning. Look at different ear piercing placements and decide which ones you want, and which ones you can handle from a pain-tolerance level. For some people a curated ear may be two ear lobe piercings, for others it could include rook, tragus, and multiple cartilage piercings. You should also consider what earrings you want in each piercing so you can plan the spacing between the holes. For example, if you want to wear two 4 mm studs next to each other, you should ensure that there is at least 6 mm of space between the two holes so that there is some visible separation. 

For any new piercing it is extremely important to choose a qualified, professional ear piercer that makes you feel comfortable. Professional ear piercers will be able to provide you insight and styling advice on the best places for your new piercing. They will also make sure you have a hygienic experience and provide you with advice on caring for your sensitive new ear piercings. You should always choose a piercer that uses a needle to pierce your ear and not a piercing gun. Piercing guns are not as precise as needles and cause additional trauma to the piercing area that will make the healing process longer. 


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