tik tik capsule wardrobe and jewelry collection

Easily Build Your Tik Tok-Inspired Capsule Jewelry Collection

By Britanny Murray

Scrolling through social media, you’ll find that everyone always talks about the importance of building your capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe hashtag has gained over 1.5 billion views on TikTok within the past six months. Your capsule wardrobe consists of essential basics that you can wear daily. They can be easily styled and paired with other pieces, allowing for endless style options and versatility. 

We see so much attention placed on the need for a capsule wardrobe, but we should see the same emphasis placed on building a capsule jewelry collection. Like building your capsule wardrobe, your capsule jewelry collection should consist of sustainable, reliable, everyday pieces that won’t tarnish or irritate your skin and can be easily styled with every outfit. 

Today, we’re going through some staple pieces you can use as the foundation for your capsule jewelry collection. Made with pure medical-grade titanium, skin-friendly and stylish, these pieces will quickly become essentials and serve as the building blocks of your capsule collection. 

Our Rooftop Hoops are lightweight,  hypoallergenic endless hoop earrings. One of our best-selling styles, we offer them in 4 different sizes. Water resistant, don’t be afraid to sweat and wear them to your favorite workout class. Fell asleep without taking your jewelry off? The endless clasp design makes them ultra comfortable and the perfect hoop earrings for napping


girl wearing hypoallergenic gold endless hoop earrings with red nails for for fall medical grade titanium endless gold dainty hoop earrings for napping


The Eloise Ring is the dainty stacker ring you’ve been looking for. Eloise makes the perfect staple ring to include in your capsule collection because of its versatility and sleek design. Wear the stainless steel ring alone, stack multiple of them together, or pair with our hypoallergenic dome ring


stainless steel dainty thin hypoallergenic stacker ring girl wearing hypoallergenic thin stacker ring capsule jewelry collection


Easily one of the most versatile pieces, our best-selling Lilou Necklace is an absolute must-have in your essentials collection. Featuring a classic thin herringbone design, the Lilou Necklace can be effortlessly dressed up, layered, or added to a simple outfit for a more put-together look. Pair with our Small Jasmine Necklace for a trendsetting and timeless look. 


capsule wardrobe collection with a timeless herringbone gold stainless steel necklace gold stainless steel thin herringbone necklace safe for sensitive skin


If your capsule collection doesn’t include a Tennis Bracelet, you might want to rethink that. The classic bracelet is never going out of style and is one of the most stylish pieces you can own. Our stainless steel Tennis Bracelet is skin-friendly, non-allergenic, and sophisticated, featuring prong-set crystal gemstones. With the ability to be worn alone or stacked, start building your jewelry foundation with this high-quality, long-lasting piece


skin friendly tennis bracelet with prong set diamonds capsule jewelry collection cool girl jewelry wearing everyday hypoallergenic tennis bracelet


As featured on TheSkimm, our Livie Stud Earrings are the ultimate starter studs. Featuring a small minimal disc design, the Livie Studs are the leading healing studs, making them ideal for daily wear and sleeper earrings. Stack the hypoallergenic studs with our Single Crystal Flat Back Earring for an ultra-comfortable look. 


how to stack your ear with our hypoallergenic nap earrings hypoallergenic and skin friendly nap earrings made with medical grade titanium

Shop our best sellers to start building your very own timeless capsule jewelry collection. 


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