Easy Halloween Costume Ideas to Match your Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas to Match your Hypoallergenic Jewelry

By Britanny Murray

Hypoallergenic Jewelry 🤝  2021 Halloween Costumes 

It’s finally that time of the year again, the height of spooky season. When candy corn takes center stage, home decor gets a little ghostly and the slow decrease of daylight gives the atmosphere an eerie feeling of mystery. Halloween is quickly approaching and the stress of trying to come up with a halloween costume has gradually been creeping into the back of our minds, luckily we’ve got you covered. 

With the help of our stylish and in the know Brand Ambassadors, we’ve curated a creative and easy list of potential halloween costumes and the different ways you can accessorize with your favorite hypoallergenic jewelry. 

Take a trip to the 70’s, channel your inner Naomi Belfort, or show off your envious side with Poison Ivy, we’re rounding up some of the most classic and creative halloween costumes for 2021. 

1. The Duchess of Bay Ridge

This year, Lux League Ambassador Gab is dressing up as the iconic, Naomi Belfort from the “Wolf of Wall Street”.  Gab will be recreating Margot Robbie's stunning look with a simple pink dress and heels, she plans to accessorize with the hypoallergenic bezel set Large Celeste Studs to complete the million dollar look. 


2. 21st Century Flapper 

Ambassador Jolee is taking us back to the 1920’s with her Flapper inspired costume. She’s taking notes from infamous actress Marilyn Monroe and classic movie The Great Gatsby but adding her own modern finishes. Jolee recommends wearing a sparkly dress with heels and chunky gold or silver accessories. Embrace the Flapper Lifestyle by completing the look with our Getaway Hoops or Large Friday Hoops. The small titanium braided hoops are perfect for a casual yet elevated look, while the modern hypoallergenic hexagonal hoops transition our Flapper costume aesthetic to the 21st century. 




3. Dancing Queen 

Saturday Night Fever is in full effect. Lux League team member Sophie plans to dance the night away in her retro disco themed costume. This Latinas 70’s Set from Princess Polly is the perfect funky outfit to panic at the disco. Sophie intends on completing the look with our titanium large hex hoops. The hypoallergenic hexagonal gold hoops enhance the already groovy feel of this costume. 


4. Ladies of Anarchy 

If you’re looking for a creative group costume idea, Ambassador Lexi plans on dressing up as a bada** biker gang with her friends. Get the look by wearing leather pants, motorcycle graphic tees, white sneakers and orange accessories like a belt or bandana. For jewelry, Lexi suggests accessorizing with our Lilou Necklace and Charming Hoops. The thin hypoallergenic herringbone chain matched with the nickel free charming hoop earrings, perfectly complete the look giving the costume a trendy but edgy feel. 



5. Green with Ivy 

Feeling green eyed over this DC inspired Poison Ivy costume idea by Lux League Ambassador Tess. Get the look by wearing an all green decorative corset, paired with a black or green skirt and artificial ivy leg wraps. The costume wouldn’t be complete without wearing classic Chuck Taylor’s in green or black. Accessorize the look with our Getaway Hoops and Jade Island Hoops. The small braided titanium hoops resemble vines hanging from the ear, while the acrylic hypoallergenic hoop earrings provide an additional shade of earthy green. 






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