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Easy Halloween Costumes for 2020

By Jacqueline Burke

Easy Halloween Costumes for 2020

Serious question, what is everyone doing for Halloween this year? Is trick-or-treating happening? Are we getting dressed up and hanging out at home? Please let me know.
If you haven't thought about it yet and are just realizing that Halloween is right around the corner, same.
We did the hard part for you and found 5 easy, last minute costumes. In my opinion, the key to a good costume is that people know what the costume is supposed to be, and you feel comfortable in it.  I also love a costume that is topical.  However this is not the year to dress up as Corona Virus, please wait until the pandemic is way, way over.
Here are some easy Halloween costumes based on some of the most relevant pop culture moments of 2020:

1. Navarro Cheer

This is the perfect group costume. There are a few ways you could take this costume. You could dress up as a cheerleader, either in their game day attire or their practice gear. Or you could go as one of the coaches, particularly the head coach Monica.
To pull off the competition look, pair a black skirt and black cropped top with a black and red bow in your hair and a bright red lip.  The practice look is generally spandex shorts, a sports bra, and white sneakers.  If you're going as Monica, pair black jeans with a tucked in button up blouse and black belt. Finish it off with black block heel boots and an apple watch.

2. Kiara or Sarah from Outer Banks

Have you watched Outer Banks yet? Kaira and Sarah are the true stars of the show.  Kiara has a laid back beachy style that can easily be relicated for a costume. Sarah's love of a good tube top makes her style easily recognizable as well. Bonus: get yourself a John B or Pope to dress up with.

3. Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek has officially come to a close.  If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for? They swept the Emmy's this year, which was well deserved. This feel good show doesn't just have incredible actors and writers - it also has one of the most iconic wardrobes in TV. David, Moira, Johnny, and Alexis Rose and even Stevie and Patrick all have instantly recognizable style. 

4. The 90's Chicago Bulls

Earlier this year, Michael Jordan dropped his incredible 10 part docuseries called The Last Dance.  It gave an inside look on his reign as the leader of the Chicago Bulls during the 80's and 90's. Their off-court outfits were a glimpse into early 90's fashion that was one of the highlights of docuseries for me. Find the Rodman and Pippen to your Jordan to complete this costume.

5. Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin

Want to feel old? Tiger King premiered this year.  There are SO many outfits from Tiger King that could/should be recreated for Halloween this year. From Joe Exotic's music video looks, to his matching throuple wedding outfits, to Carole's youtube attire to Doc's staff uniforms. If you have a cat this is the perfect at-home costume to get them in on (a stuffed animal tiger will also work). 


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