helpful and easy wedding tips that every bride should know

Essential Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know

By Tini Lux Team

In honor of wedding season, our team wanted to share with you some of their top wedding tips. Having gone through the whole wedding experience, these are some of the best tips our past Tini Lux brides thought you should know so you too can have the best fairytale wedding weekend.

  • Take all the photos! Even though it might seem like an inconvenience at the time to do group photos with extended family or with different friend groups, you'll be happy that you have them in the future. There are very few times in life when everyone you love is in the same place and all dressed up. Take the opportunity to capture those moments.

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  • Skip the traditions that you don't want to do. We chose to not have bridal parties because we didn't want our friends to feel "on duty" or to be separated from their significant others all day. My sister was my maid of honor and my husband's brother was his best man. Besides each other, they are both our favorite people in the world so it was perfect for us to only have them by our sides. 
  • Take your honeymoon right away (even if it's only a long weekend) and choose a relaxing place. It's really the only time that you'll be able to completely disconnect and no one will bother you. The longer you wait the less special it will feel plus you really need some down time right after the wedding to relax. It's a great way to spend time with just the two of you and really be excited about your life together. 
  • Write down your must have wedding photos for the photographer, so you don’t forget if you want something specific.
  • Do all dances, speeches in the beginning so you can enjoy your party!

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  • Have your photographer and videographer stay later so they are able to capture hilarious after party moments! 
  • Make sure you see and talk to the majority of people at cocktail hour, this way you don’t feel overwhelmed during the reception. 
  • A welcome party is a good way to see your guests before the wedding so you do not have to worry about spending the reception saying hi to everyone. If you are able to I definitely suggest it!

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  • Hold your bouquet low! Sounds so silly but I held mine too high and felt like I was blocking my entire dress as I walked down the aisle. 
  • Disposable cameras are the new (old) fun thing to do and definitely a way to get candid photos of your guests that you may have never seen if it was on their phones!


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