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Fall Handbags to Match Your Jewelry

By Jacqueline Burke
Long gone are the days when outfits were supposed to be head to toe matchy-matchy. Think The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, where women matched their lipstick to their handbag and their shoes. Or only wore a coat that matched their gloves and hat. Obviously personal style is much better for having gotten rid of rules like that. Brown and black can be worn together or black and navy, and an outfit can still look cohesive. 
Personally, there is still one matching rule I like to keep. I prefer that any metals that I am wearing be the same tone. For example, if I am wearing yellow gold jewelry then I prefer to wear a belt with yellow gold hardware. If I am wearing silver earrings, then I try to wear silver sunglasses. It is a subtle styling trick, but I think it helps my outfits look more intentional. 
The only problem that I have with this"rule" is that I often wear rose gold jewelry, and it is hard to find accessories with rose gold hardware. In case anyone else is in this predicament, I decided to help you out. I did some browsing and put together a collection of fall 2019 handbags sorted by hardware color. 

Yellow Gold Handbags


Silver Handbags

Rose Gold Handbags 

Gunmetal Handbags


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