Fashion Recap: Inauguration Day 2021

Fashion Recap: Inauguration Day 2021

By Jill Burke
I'll be honest, when I tuned in yesterday to watch Inauguration 2021, the last thing I was thinking about was fashion. In fact, my thoughts could not have been further from it! But, as the day rolled on and one statement outfit after another made its appearance, it became clear that this was not only a day of celebration, but also a day of LOOKS! Here is my recap of my personal favorites.

5. Ella Emhoff

Source: CNN
The stepdaughter to Vice President Kamala Harris came in blazing with an impeccably tailored, plaid houndstooth jacket. The best part, of course, was the embellishment added to the shoulders. It's always refreshing to see a classic look jazzed up with a modern element, and this jacket delivered. She also sported what looks to be earrings similar to the Huggie Hoop earrings!

4. Lady Gaga

Source: La Maison Gaga instagram
It is an extraordinary day when Lady Gaga is not my number one best-dressed guest! Still, the queen looked fabulous in an elegant black and red number with a gold peace dove brooch pinned to her top. Hunger games references aside, Gaga rocked it.

3. Kamala Harris

Source: Us Magazine
I appreciated the symbolism of Vice President Harris wearing a purple ensemble in a country that has been strongly divided between red and blue. Her accessories also won her points: black shoes, black gloves, black mask. A clean and classic silhouette perfectly executed puts her at number three on my list.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Source: Town and Country Mag
JLo rolled into the presidential inauguration looking like a literal angel in a head-to-toe white outfit courtesy of Chanel. Her statement earrings and beautiful singing voice just added to the ethereal nature of her presence. I almost chose her as best dressed, but there was just something about...

1. Michelle Obama

Source: The Cut
No shade to Barack, who looked great too in his stylish black ensemble, but Michelle really stole the show here. From her burgundy monochrome look to the bold cinched waist belt, this outfit was perfect in every way. She looked powerful, she looked elegant, she looked feminine. Well done Michelle!

Honorable Mention: Bernie Sanders

Source: Billboard
Alright, so no one here is calling Bernie Sanders a fashionista, but the fact is that his look had EVERYONE talking, and maybe that makes him the most cunning trend-setter of all!
Thanks for reading, I hope you are feeling inspired by this inauguration's fashion statements, I certainly am!


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