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Four Holiday Party Outfits

By Jacqueline Burke
It's officially the holiday party time of year. From office parties to family parties to parties with friends, your schedule for the next few weeks is probably pretty full. Holiday parties are a fun chance to dress up and show off your best winter outfits, but after one or two it can be hard to come up with outfit inspiration. To help, we put together four influencer inspired holiday party outfits with shopable links!

Look 1: Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein We Wore What
Photo: WeWoreWhat 
Shop the look:
25mm Round Hoops

Look 2: Annabelle Fleur

Viva Luxury Blog
Photo: VivaLuxury Blog
Shop the Look:
25mm Square Hoops

Look 3: Camila Coelho

Photo: Instagram
Shop the Look:
Bar and Chain

Look 4: Caro Daur

Caro Daur 
Photo: Instagram
Shop the Look:
Around in Circles


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