Four Influencer-Inspired Christmas Outfits

Four Influencer-Inspired Christmas Outfits

By Jonaira South

If you want to shine as bright as your Christmas tree this year, keep reading. Bring out your reds, greens, golds, and sparkles because you’re going to want to exude festiveness for the upcoming holiday. Don’t worry we’ll be giving you some outfit inspiration and the accessories you need to complete the look. So, if you’re looking for Christmas looks, we’re giving you everything you need: 

There are so many looks to go for, for Christmas— cozy/comfy, dressy, casual, etc. Whatever look you are going for Tini Lux offers a variety of jewelry options that evoke all of the holiday cheer. From huggie hoops to tennis necklaces and earring cuffs, no matter your personal style preferences you will find something that fits you.

A classic Christmas outfit includes neutral or warm tones, chunky sweaters, and your favorite pair of fall boots. With this look, you can complete it by pairing a classic LBD or black skirt and turtleneck, sheer red tights, and red heels. Our Large Rooftop Hoop, Farrah Hoop, Mini Isla Stud, or Jane Hoop earrings would add a feminine and bold touch to the outfit. If you want to create a stack of jewelry do it with rings. For rings, stack our Gigi and Eloise Thin Stacker ones. Try mixing and matching the pieces to fit your personality. With this look, we think no necklaces are the way to go. Instead, go for our Chelsea, Tennis, or Jasmine bracelet. 


If you want to be the best dressed in your family, recreate this look! This influencer put together a black onesie, sherpa/fur-lined coat, and knee-high black boots. Since this is a classy look, anything from Tini Lux with pearls is the way to go! Here are the pieces we think will look best. This specific look gives off an edgy but classy vibe so you’ll want to keep the jewelry simple. Our Anika Pendant or Pia necklaces are the perfect pieces for this look. You can either stack or wear them on their own. For earrings, we have endless options but our Meghan Drop, Perrie, or Maeva earrings would bring the look together.


Dressy looks aren’t for everyone so if you’d rather spend the day in Christmas pajamas, you can still make a statement with your jewelry. For accessories, check out our everyday essentials list. You can’t go wrong with any of these pieces to complete the look. Finish the look with a pair of fuzzy socks or Christmas slippers and you have a comfy but cute outfit. 


Keeping with the Christmas theme, this is where you’d tap into the greens and reds to celebrate the holiday season. The easiest way to accomplish this without too much effort is to go with a two-piece set. It can be a comfy or dressy set but either way, your accessories will shine. If you’re going with green like the picture above, gold, silver, or two-toned jewelry will work. Here are the pieces we suggest: Sophia, Lilou, or Nina necklaces— Zoe Stud, Mini City Hoop, Single Perri, Large Weekender Hoop, or Talia earrings. To complete the look, stack any of our rings.

You can wear almost any outfit to Christmas festivities. Whatever you put together, make sure you accessorize it the way you’d like and that includes stacking the pieces we’ve mentioned. In addition to accessorizing, wear something comfortable so you can stuff your face without any hesitation. 


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