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Four Winter Wedding Guest Outfits

By Jacqueline Burke
It definitely seems like weddings slow down in the winter, especially in cold areas, but you probably still have one or two to attend this year. It can be a challenge to find a dress that is flattering, comfortable and also provides the extra warmth that you need in the chilly months. Here are four influencer inspired winter wedding guest outfits that will help you plan your looks:

1. GypsyTan

This dress from BHLDN is a little pricier, but the fit and silhouette are so great and timeless that you could wear it again for years. If you are attending a New Years Eve wedding this year, the print and the sequins make this the perfect dress.
Photo: GypsyTan

 2. Sandy Fuller

An emerald green, long sleeve lace dress like the one that Sandy is wearing is ideal for a winter wedding. You still show some skin without feeling like you're going to freeze. I would switch out the nude sandals for some nude pumps.  
Photo: Sandy C. Fuller

3.Teral Atilan

Something about this champagne slip dress just feels so perfectly winter to me. The length is ideal because it's easy to dance in but keeps you mostly covered. I love the clear sandals that Teral paired this dress with, but if you want to warm it up even more you could opt for closed toed pumps. 
Photo: This is Teral

4. Angel M Hou

I love this dress that Angel is wearing because it has sleeves and it's not too short. The velvet material also helps to stay warm in the winter. It looks like it's warm enough for the walk from the car to the venue but not too warm for the dance floor. 
Photo: Angel M Hou


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