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Free Gift with Purchase!

By Jacqueline Burke
We are excited to introduce the Tini Lux Travel Bag! While supplies last, every purchase will now come with one of our cotton travel bags.


Whether you are giving our earrings as gift this holiday season or treating yourself, the travel bag makes them a two-for-one deal.  


During the holiday season there is so much traveling going on and everyone is so busy that it can be hard to find time to pack and unpack. I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient with space and make things easier to find in my suitcase while I'm traveling and easier to unpack when I get home.


The travel bag is the perfect size to hold a single pair of earrings, which makes it a great accessory for packing. Our travel bags keep your jewelry separated so that it does not get damaged or tangled. It helps keep each of your special pieces safe during your travels, and makes it easier to find the items you're looking for when you are getting dressed. I love to plan my outfits ahead, down to the accessories, and pack the outfits in individual packing cubes. Now with the travel bag, I can easily add my jewelry to it's respective packing cube.


If you're giving a pair of our hypoallergenic earrings as a gift, your recipient will be happy to find that they come with a travel bag that they can use and re-use over the years. 


Make sure you order your earrings now, the travel bags will only be available while supplies last!


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