Glowing Summer Skin with Ebony Rice

Glowing Summer Skin with Ebony Rice

By Britanny Murray

We got the opportunity to connect with content creator Ebony Rice. Known as Fashion Crave on Instagram, Ebony’s feed is filled with earthy tones, pops of color and features of some of her favorite hair care and skincare products. Ebony also owns a thriftique called Craving Vintage where she sells hand painted home decor items and carefully curated pieces of clothing and accessories. 


We’ve been dying to know the secret to Ebony’s summertime glow and thankfully she’s given us full access to her everyday morning and night routine as well as her favorite Tini Lux pieces. 


My Morning Skin Care Routine:

-I start off my routine with my favorite cleanser at the moment from Korres, Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser. 

-I tone my skin with Be Transcendent’s Balance, spray on toner 

     -Moisturize and brighten my under eyes with Glamglow’s BrightEyes eye cream  

    - Moisturize and protect my skin with Korres new facial oil, Velvet Skin Drink & Black Girl Sunscreen in SPF 30 


      My Night Time Skincare Routine:

       - I start off by removing any makeup I may have been wearing during the day, using Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes 

       -Cleanse & wash away any left over makeup residue using Korres, Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser 

       - Double Cleanse & Exfoliate with Frank Bod’s Original Coffee Face Scrub 

       - Hydrate with Youth To The People Super Berry Hydrate & Glow Oil 

       - Double the hydration using Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Mask 

      Holy grail items: 



      Fall Skincare Tip:

      I always transition my summer skincare routine into my fall skincare routine around October, when the weather starts to get a bit chiller. My skin usually needs a lot more TLC & hydration during fall because she’s super dry during colder temps. I normally use heavier moisturizers or double up on products for hydration. 

      Current Tini Lux Obsessions:

      I am currently obsessed with Tini Lux Island Hoop Earrings & my Gold Herringbone Necklace I can’t seem to ever take off! 



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