The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Girl In Your Life

The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Girl In Your Life

By Jacqueline Burke

The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Girl In Your Life

For the Fashionista

For the fashion lover in your life, choose classic pieces that are chic and versatile.  The Birdie flats double as slippers which makes them perfect for wearing around the house and still looking put together. She'll love the modern statement earrings that make everyone ask "where did you get those?"


BirdiesPoncho, Statement Earrings, Nail Polish Set

For the Minimalist

Minimalists are very tough to buy for because they generally don't like physical objects.  A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant or for an experience (like a golf outing) is a great gift for minimalists. If you happen to know their favorite celebrity, you could get them a shoutout from Cameo that they will put a smile on their face for years.


Gift Card, Everyday Studs, Kindle, Cameo

For the Traveler

This has been a tough year for the people that love to travel. A scratch map that lets them keep track of all the places they have been (and plan out future trips) is a great gift for the traveler. A chic matching sweatsuit for future travel days and a versatile pair of gold hoops that won't take up much room in their carry-on are both thoughtful gifts.

Scratch Map, Slim Aarons PrintMatching SweatsGold Hoops

For the Future CEO

Whether this workaholic is at the office or working from home, these gifts will be great for her. A pair of glasses to block the blue light from her computer screen and headphones to block out distracting noises will help her get her work done in comfort. An audible subscription for listening to audio books is perfect for the multi-tasker.


Audible SubscriptionSpecialty CoffeeBlue Light Glasses, Noise Canceling Headphones

For the Fitness Obsessed

For the fitness lover, these are the essentials. This self-cleaning water bottle (genius) plus sleek ear buds and some post work-out relaxation materials will be a big hit with the fitness obsessed in your life this holiday season.


Earbuds, Self Cleaning Water BottleBath Salts, CBD Muscle Rub

For the Homebody

For the work from homer, or the introvert, or the person that just loves their house, these gifts are ideal. A chic french press, a coffee mug that keeps their drink warm for hours, and some cozy slippers and a soft throw blanket will get them through the winter in style.


Throw Blanket, Slippers, French PressTemperature Controlled Mug


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