Holiday Party Outfits

Holiday Party Outfits

By Jill Burke
The holiday season is upon us, and while get-togethers are looking a little different this year, we're still going to give you some outfit ideas that you can make fabulously your own, whether you're burning your first turkey with your roommates or sharing a glass of eggnog with loved ones over zoom. And of course, we've included our favorite titanium or niobium earrings to complete each look!

Statement Coat

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Chances are high that if you're gathering with friends and family this holiday season, you'll likely be doing at least part of that outside. This is the perfect opportunity for a statement coat that will be stylish while still keeping you warm. Pair with skinny jeans, boots, and 20 mm thick hoops.

Mini-Dress & High Boots

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This look will keep you warm while still being cute and flirty. Wear tights if you need extra warmth or coverage. Pair with Niobium Statement Earrings.

Long Sweater & Leggings

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Take advantage of remote hangs with an outfit that incorporates leggings! A long sweater covers your booty for the fashionistas who don't consider leggings pants. Pair with 55 mm Skinny Hoops.

Printed Scarf & Long Skirt

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A long skirt is a great opportunity to add a punch of color to an outfit without seeming as formal as a full dress. Wear with a neutral sweater and add a scarf for some pattern variation. Wear titanium stud earrings with this one so they won't get caught in your scarf.

Statement Sparkly Pants

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My favorite thing about holiday fashion is the amount of glitter that is acceptable to wear. These sparkle pants say disco sugarplum fairy, and who wouldn't want to be that for a night? Pair with simple Tridot Studs to keep the look from getting overwhelming. 

Turtleneck and Miniskirt

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This look never fails. It's a bit edgy and very chic, perfect for the jingle bell rockers out there. Pair with Lightning Bolt Studs to complete the outfit.
We hope that whatever your holiday consists of this year that you stay safe and keep your ears happy. Remember that even if you're staying home, you can still look completely fabulous.


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