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How to Prepare Your Child for Ear Piercings

By Jessica Burke

Making the decision to have your child's ears pierced can be a very exciting time, however, it can also be a little overwhelming. We have put together some great tips for making this choice a wonderful experience for both you and your child. 

Most pediatricians recommend waiting until your child is at least six months old to have ear piercings. This is because newborn infants do not have an established immune system and any piercing can carry the risk of infection. Some parents choose to wait until their child is a little older and understands the process and can help in the decision making and care for their ears. It is ultimately up to you to decide what is best for your family. 

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Do plenty of research before deciding where to have the procedure done. Occasionally, some pediatricians will perform ear piercings in their offices. When this is not an option, we recommend a local tattoo parlor or piercing shop. The employees at these facilities undergo higher levels of training and have proper methods for sterilization.

Piercing guns that are used at many chains and mall locations actually puncture the ear rather than pierce. This can cause tissue damage and increase the risk of infection. Since the guns are usually made from plastic, they also cannot withstand heat high enough to properly sanitize.

You can also ask about simultaneous piercing (both ears at the same time) if you are concerned that after one ear your child may be too distressed to have the other ear done. We recommend making your appointment for a time of day when your child will be well-rested, not hungry, and in an overall good mood. 

Tips for buying safe jewelry for kids include purchasing screw-back earrings for little kids, as they can easily lose butterfly backs. If they are a toddler or infant, choking can also be a risk with detachable small pieces.

Endless huggie hoop earrings for kids are becoming increasingly popular for parents as they have no backing and are more comfortable for everyday wear. Stud earrings for kids are also a great option and come in so many fun designs.

Many types of earrings are labeled as “Hypoallergenic” when in fact they can still cause allergic reactions. We always recommend our earrings as they are made from medical-grade titanium, which is an inert metal and very unlikely to cause reactions. 

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Still have questions about what is best for your child? Feel free to reach out to us at info@tinilux.com and we will be happy to help guide you in choosing a safe, beautiful pair of earrings that your child will love for a long time to come.


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