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Chain Collection Try On

By Jacqueline Burke

How to Style Chain & Bar Earrings

Our hoops and studs get a lot of attention on the site. Our titanium studs are a necessity that we recommend everyone have, and the hoops are just so classic and timeless that you can't go wrong with them.
Our chain and charm collection, on the other hand, leans more towards trendy than classic.  I'm here to convince you that our chain earrings can work just as well as staple accessories as hoops and studs. 
I did a quick try on of a few of our chain and charm earrings. I think these styles in particular are really nice to see on and with some motion so you can see how they move.

1. Bar & Chain

The Bar and Chain earrings are super sleek and modern. The long chain gives them some movement and the bar on the end gives it just a tiny pop of gold. I love to wear these with the Crystal Clear Earrings in my second hole. The layered chain look is v modern and cool.


2. Raise the Bar

The Raise the Bar earrings lean a little dressier than the other chain and charm earrings. These are the ultimate statement earrings for minimal jewelry lovers. They look amazing with a sleek little black dress or with an off the shoulder top and jeans for date night.


3. Shoot for the Stars

The Shoot for the Stars earrings are my favorite layering earrings. They look so cool when worn in the second hole with a pair of classic hoops. Their asymmetry gives them a more casual feel.


4. Drop a Line

These are probably my favorite dressy statement earrings out of all of our earrings. I've worn them to at least six weddings or events and because they look good with everything and are just such an easy go-to accessory.  The chain makes them look less stuffy than other dressy accessories.


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