Meet Brooklyn-Based Illustrator: Laura Supnik

Meet Brooklyn-Based Illustrator: Laura Supnik

By Britanny Murray

We got the opportunity to talk with Brooklyn based illustrator and artist, Laura Supnik. Laura’s instagram feed is a beautiful curation of her colorful illustrations, slow fashion outfit inspo and the most aesthetically serene photos of her New York City residence. 

Laura first started her career and appreciation for art when she enrolled in classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which she then moved on to the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. In 2018, Laura received her Bachelor's degree in Fashion and Business Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Laura now focuses full time on creating beautiful  illustrations for fashion and lifestyle brands. 

We asked Laura about how she got started in the art industry, where she finds inspiration and what Living a Lux life means to her. Keep reading for the full interview and head over to Laura’s site where you can view her illustrations, projects and purchase a number of illustrated stickers, mugs, towels and more. 




Where did the inspiration come from to start your business?

I've always been interested in art. In college I decided to study business instead of art because I thought it would help me more in the end (it did!) and throughout school I took projects on outside of my classes. By the time I graduated I had enough consistent work that I was able to officially start my business! I love making illustrations so getting to do this full-time has been amazing.

How has starting your own company impacted your life? 

I'm able to connect with so many inspiring people. Whether it's getting hired on a project for a dream company of mine, or connecting with other people doing a similar line of creative work, I learn and grow so much through the work I do and the people I meet along the way.

What has been the most satisfying moment since starting your business?

It makes me really happy that I'm able to make enough money from my business to keep me afloat! Especially living in NYC, the fact that I'm able to support myself from my own artwork is extremely humbling.

What does living a Lux Life mean or look like to you?

There's beauty in simplicity!


How would you describe your aesthetic or style? And where do you gain inspiration?

I have a very classic simple style. I love timeless pieces that go with anything. I really love Pinterest, I create mood boards for everything! I'm also so inspired by living in New York. It's so magical here.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Just go for it! You learn along the way, so be sure to keep your mind open, and ask questions when you can. But the hardest part is taking that first initial leap, so you just have to do it and keep going from there.



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