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From the first days of Tini Lux, we wanted to give back. In 2018, we found an organization to partner with. That organization, as most of our customers know, is Initiative: Eau.  Since partnering with them, a portion of every sale has been donated to the organization, plus many of you have been generous enough to contribute extra towards their cause at check out.
During this downtime, when so many people are looking for ways to help others, it seems like a good opportunity to talk more about Initiative: Eau and their mission.
Initiative: Eau was founded by Donald Brooks and Christina Long in 2010 while they were both in high school.  They were inspired by a presentation from the Barka Foundation, a non-profit group that is working to develop the African country Burkina Faso.  Initiative: Eau's mission from the beginning was to provide sustainable support and education to regions experiencing lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation.
After graduating college, founder Donald Brooks received a Fulbright Grant from the U.S. State Department to conduct research through Initiative: Eau on the water quality landscapes of cities in Burkina Faso to inform strategic infrastructure and public health program planning. Later that year, Initiative: Eau opened a regional office in Burkina Faso.
Today, Initiative: Eau has an active presence in Burkina Faso and Nigeria. They are working to bring safe and reliable access to clean drinking water in those areas. More than 663 million people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. The  Sub-Saharan Africa region of the world is disproportionately burdened from this lack of clean water access. 
As we have all come to realize the past few months, access to clean water and adequate sanitation is imperative for preventing airborne and waterborne illnesses.
At Tini Lux, we have chosen to donate to Initiative: Eau because we share their belief that clean drinking water is a basic human right. Clean water and sanitary facilities should be available to every single human on Earth. They are a trustworthy and transparent organization that truly believes in their mission and is using our dollars to make a difference in the world.  Thank you all for supporting Initiative: Eau with your purchases!
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