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Three Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes 2018

By Jacqueline Burke

If you're anything like me then you always put off planning your Halloween costume until the very last minute and then throw something together with what you already have (or can order quickly on Amazon). We're making your life easier by showing you some pop-culture inspired costumes that you can easily assemble before Halloween. 

Here are three easy DIY halloween costumes for Halloween 2018 plus links to shop every item you might need. Don't forget your Tini Lux earrings to top them off! 

Hailey Baldwin

This costume is so easy because you probably already have most of these items in your closet. And if you have to buy these pieces, at least you can actually reuse them, who doesn't need a good sports bra and a comfy zip up? Pair this with your 25 mm Gold Hoops to finish off the look.

Bonus - you can do this as a couples costume!

Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber DIY Halloween Costume 2018

Cardi B

Cardi B is so hot right now - and has so many iconic looks. Personally, I love her outfit in the Finesse music video with Bruno Mars. This look is pretty easy to copy to: all you need are some jean shorts, a graphic crop top and a colorful bomber. Top it off with a yellow hat and your Tini Lux Embellished Hoops and you're good to go! Again, this could also work as a couples costume if you have a friend to dress up as Bruno Mars. 

Cardi B Finesse Video DIY Halloween Costume 2018

Okoye from Black Panther


Have you seen Black Panther yet? If not, go watch it now. Okoye is such a fierce character, who better to channel this Halloween? Her look is surprisingly easy to copy too. Follow _jsunday's lead and pair a red crew neck top with a stacked necklace and gold cuffs. The teal eyeliner and sash are also key to making this look really stand out. Our 12mm Gold Hoops will complete your look. This one would be great as part of a group costume because there are so many iconic characters in Black Panther.

Okoye Black Panther DIY Halloween Costume 2018


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