Negin Mirsalehi has been one of my favorite influencers to follow for years.  She has a unique style that is modern without being too trendy. Her hometown is Amsterdam, Netherlands, but she travels constantly all over the world. I love watching her vlogs that have shown her traveling from Japan to Paris to Milan to LA to Peru and even more beautiful locales.
Her life and wardrobe are certainly aspirational, if not very unrealistic for the majority of the world, most of us aren't jetting off on first class trips every other week while decked out in the latest Balmain couture.  But even if her life is not very relateable, I still like to follow along for the entertainment and the constant wardrobe inspiration. 
I recently watched some of her YouTube vlogs from earlier this year and noticed a set of earrings that she wore in many of the videos. Some quick research revealed that her gold and pearl earrings are from Dior (of course). They are called the Tribales Earrings and they retail for close to $500 US. 

Negin's Dior Version:

Negin Mirsalehi Dior Tribales Earrings
Screenshot: YouTube

My Tini Lux Version:

For us normal people that aren't being gifted designer items on the regular, $500 for a single pair of fashion earrings is kind of crazy. Not to mention the Dior earrings are made with "gold-tone finish metal" which most likely means that are gold plated brass earrings. $500 for brass earrings?!! That's the same material that $5 earrings are made from and it will most definitely still cause painful allergic reactions. Luckily for all of you, you can get the Negin Mirsalehi Dior Look for wayyy less with earrings that won't bother your ears.
Unfortunately I cannot help you attain her perfect beach waves or her devoted Instagram boyfriend, but hopefully this guide will help you get a little bit closer to living your best Negin Mirsalehi inspired life.
To achieve this earring look you will need three pairs of Tini Lux earrings. Our 8mm Pearl Studs can be stacked with the Bar and Chain earrings and either the 20 mm Beaded Hoops or the 12mm Huggie Hoops.  You can complete this look with either gold or rose gold earrings depending on your metal tone of choice.
Here are a few other Negin Mirsalehi summer style looks you can create yourself. Follow the links below the photos to shop similar items for less.
Negin Mirsalehi Revolve Bermuda White Dress Gold Earrings
Full Circle Earrings
Negin Mirsalehi Revolve Bermuda White Skirt Gold Earrings
Raise the Bar Earrings
Negin Mirsalehi Revolve Phuket White Blouse Cult Gaia Gold Earrings

Around in Circles Earrings


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Best earrings for sensitive ears! I haven’t been able to wear any earrings since my kids that didn’t upset my ears. I haven’t had to take these out since I’ve received them. Just when I thought I had to be done wearing earrings because of the pain you came along. Thank you for making me feel pretty!

Jessica B.

I'm in love! I haven't been able to wear earrings for a very long time, the last time I wore cheap earrings they practically ruined my piercings because they were so irritated. I love these earrings because I can wear them comfortably and safely, but they look AMAZING.

Lydia S

I had given up on earrings when I decided to try this material and I am so happy I did. They look cute, but most important, no allergies!


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