Must Have Fall Transition Staples

Must Have Fall Transition Staples

By Britanny Murray

It’s officially time to break out the layers, leather, boots, all things neutral toned and pumpkin spice because Fall is officially about to grace us with her overdue presence. If I could describe this Summer season to anyone, I would say excessive rain with a side of scorching heat. This Summer was HOT and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m more than looking forward to 65 - 70 degree weather, oversized sweatshirts and ALL the fall activities. 

The cozy vibes from September to November are unmatched and quite arguably can be considered the best time of the year. Although Fall doesn’t “officially” start until September 22nd, it’s never too early to start transitioning your Summer wardrobe and prepping for the upcoming Fall fashion. Today, we’re giving you some Fall staple pieces that can easily be incorporated into your current everyday wardrobe and are perfect for when the calendar strikes 9/22/21. 

Oversized Blazer

A year round essential without a doubt, the oversized blazer is a perfect staple to transition from the Summer to Fall months. An oversized blazer is perfect to pair with any outfit, extremely versatile and easy to dress up or down. As the weather gets a bit chillier, start layering with sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. When it comes to styling a blazer, the options are endless which makes it such an essential wardrobe staple.


Leather Everything

Finally, the time has come. It’s about that time that leather makes a long awaited appearance. If you’ve been waiting to break out the leather jacket, leather pants, leather skirt, leather anything and everything, the wait is over. A leather jacket might be one of the most important (if not the most important) Fall clothing items to have in your closet and one of the easiest additions to a chic fall outfit. Wearing an oversized leather jacket is perfect for layering and  gives us all the much needed 90’s vibes, while a more fitted leather jacket adds just the right amount of edge to the simplest of outfits. If you don’t already own a pair, having one staple pair of leather pants in your closet is a must for the Fall and our team is obsessed with the Melina Pant from Aritzia, see how we style them with our hypoallergenic Cocoa Hoops, the perfect tortoise acrylic hoops for the pumpkin spice season!  



Cowboy Boots

A trend we’re more than excited to continue to see is cowboy boots. The Western boots are back and they will definitely be seen everywhere this upcoming season (and not just for Wild West halloween costumes). Cowboy boots started to climb up the trends ladder during the Summer months and will continue to reign supreme as we dive into Fall fashion. We love the versatility of Cowboy boots and it’s amazing to see the many different ways people are styling them. A great transition staple boot because they can easily be dressed up or down and there are so many different styles of boots you can choose from. From knee high to mid calf to ankle boot, animal print, plain leather or suede, the Western options are never ending although it might take some time to find the perfect pair (or two) for you. 



One of the best things about Fall fashion is the ability to stay cozy and comfortable while still looking chic and stylish. With that being said, knitwear season has officially entered the chat. As we anxiously await the day when the weather drops below 60 degrees in order to dust off the chunky oversized sweaters, there are a few ways you can casually sneak knitwear into your current wardrobe.

Sets have been a wardrobe staple for quite some time now, they’re easy, effortless and most importantly comfortable. As we transition into Fall, knit sets are perfect for sneaking in those cozy fall vibes. If you’re looking for a more dressed up look, opt for a knitted dress set. On a day to day, look for a knitted pants or shorts set. Another knit trend we’ve been loving and seeing all over social media is sweater vests. Knitted sweater vests are perfect because they can be worn alone while the weather is still fairly hot and then worn as a stylish option for layering as it starts to get a bit chilly. Both sweater vests and knit sets are the perfect wardrobe staples to ease your transition into the months of Fall fashion. 


Gold Chunky Hoops 

Arguably the most important staple of the year is a pair of gold hoops. Worn all year round, we’re not letting this classic accessory go as we enter the Fall season. Chunky gold hoops can be worn with anything and everything and we don’t foresee that changing as Fall fashion approaches.

Our Long Weekend collection of hoops are hypoallergenic, on trend and safe for sensitive ears. With the fall months comes changes in skin and skin care, as you might be more prone to different skin sensitivities as the weather changes. It’s important to have a staple pair of earrings that are guaranteed safe for sensitive skin and won’t cause painful irritation as the colder weather approaches. Our collection of titanium hypoallergenic hoops are the perfect everyday earrings for the Fall season. 



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