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What is Niobium?

By Jacqueline Burke

Niobium is (unfortunately!) not commonly known metal. There are so many interesting facts about Niobium that make it one of the best metals for earrings for sensitive ears. Read on to learn more about Niobium, the naturally hypoallergenic metal. 

Niobium is a naturally inert metal that is non-reactive with the human body.  Niobium is naturally a blueish color, but it can be anodized in order to give it a gold tone. Niobium jewelry is anodized by placing the metal in a specific solution of soap and water and applying an electrical current.  Unlike typical fashion jewelry, anodized Niobium does not have any plating, coatings or dyes; after the anodization process it is still 100% pure Niobium which means it is still 100% non-allergenic and non-reactive. Since it is a pure metal and not an alloy, it is always nickel free.

Since Niobium is naturally non allergenic, and it's color can be changed without adding any foreign or reactive materials, it is an excellent metal for earrings. Niobium earrings can be worn safely, even by people with a metal allergy, and does not have a plating or coating that will eventually tarnish or wear away.  Niobium is the perfect material for our hypoallergenic tassel earrings.


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