Morning Facials with Noelle

Morning Facials with Noelle

By Britanny Murray

Everyday Lux is about finding those beautiful moments of Lux in your typical everyday life. It’s a way for us to inspire and encourage women by reminding them of the Lux life that they’re already living on a daily basis. 

Pilates Instructor, Noelle tells us more about what Living Lux means to her. 

Because jewelry is such a creative and universal form of expression, we asked Noelle why she loves to wear jewelry, wearing jewelry makes her feel more unique and “more me”. Jewelry is an amazing way to enhance how you already feel about yourself and being able to accessorize with so many different options and styles of jewelry leaves the door open for a number of different looks and possibilities. 

Everyone has some sort of staple, “can’t live without it” thing in their life. Whether that be a pair of jeans, a certain food, there’s always something. For Noelle, the jewelry pieces she can’t live without are her wedding rings and grandmother's ring, in addition to those she’s been loving the beaded cuff. “Not many people wear cuffs and it's been my go to throughout covid to help me feel pretty and fun without getting caught on my mask during water breaks!”

The Lux Life is about feeling like your best self and doing things that align with that mindset. Noelle’s Lux Life emphasizes the habitual routine of self love and we couldn’t agree more. 

“Lux Life to me is incorporating simple everyday rituals into your life that show you how much you care about yourself. We are all deserving of care and love and that starts with showing it to ourselves.”  

Whenever you do something throughout the day that makes you feel good and like your best self, we like to consider it as a “Lux Moment''. Lux Moments can be anything that makes you feel good, from sipping a margarita at happy hour to signing up for an early morning workout class.

Realizing the Lux Moments create a Lux Life.  

Noelle’s Everyday Lux Moment this week, revolved around self care and incorporating something new to her morning routine. “I started morning facial massages with an ice cube!! So invigorating in this 80+ degree heat and super toning and depuffing for my seasonal allergies!”

Fun Fact: Noelle recently started training at a local Circus School

Favorite Song: I Say So by Chloe x Halle


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